Happy New Year!

I am hoping to get things back up and running here on the blog. I really slacked off when we moved. Of course moving + pregnancy + excuses = no blogging. I am not quite sure where things are going to go from here, but I have a few ideas! 
To summarize 2014 was a very blessed year. We were blessed with an adorable son, a great new job, finding a wonderful church family in our new place, lots of new friends, and a lot of amazing memories. 
I have not really been into resolutions the last few years. I feel like you just set yourself up for failure. I do have a few Goals for this year. Here there are so you guys can all help keep me accountable! 
  • Run. I’m not sure what this all entails, but I want to get back to running. I am not signing up for races or anything but I do want to get back to running. I do really miss it. 
  • Lift. I’m starting back at the gym in February I believe and can’t wait to get in there and lift some weights! 
  • Finish old craft projects. I have quite a few unfinished or not even started sewing & crochet projects. 
  • Blog (obviously) 
  • More bible reading and devotions
I figured I would keep it shorter and more broad. I know this may not all happen, but I really feel like I was slacking a lot last year after we moved. I feel like I need to pick myself up and make some action happen on stuff that I have committed to (like the blog and fabric I have purchased for projects and all). 
What are your goals for 2015? I’d love to hear in the comments! 

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