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The Topic of Diapers!

The Topic of Diapers & why we Cloth Diaper #clothdiapers

Every new parent dreads diapers and buying them and all the mess. Diapers are necessary – that is a fact. When we were planning our baby budget, I was trying to do the math of what we would need each month to buy and the cost. When I started adding it up I was not happy! The cost was not going to leave much for anything else for the budget we had! My estimates were that diapers and wipes would be $50-75 a month!! That’s a lot of money. (No this isn’t going coupon crazy or buying store brands…)

So I started doing research. I had read a post by Emily at Daily Garnish on her cloth diapering experience. From there I read posts by Young House Love and a few others. I also talked to a few friends and gathered lots of research. I did my research on all the different brands of diapers. I watched YouTube videos. (That was new for me as I was not keen on watching videos.)  I researched places to buy diapers and all the costs and accessories. I read all about washing them and the details.
I was hooked. 
The next step was convincing the husband. I gathered my research and costs and everything all organized to present it to him. It took me weeks to gain the courage to bring it up! When I finally did I barely had 10 words out of my mouth before he was turning me down. I argued for him to hear me out. He did. In the end, I won because he doesn’t really have much interest in changing diapers. It’s my job since I stay home and therefore if I want to use these then I should be able to.
I didn’t use cloth diapers as soon as Hannah was born. For the first 7 weeks Hannah was in disposables. I do not regret this decision. It was hard to adjust as a first time mom and it just made it easier. But boy they were expensive! We had to buy a lot of newborn diapers!
What did I get?
I started off by purchasing 12 BumGenius 4.0 diapers. I bought a pack from Kelly’s Closet and with their awesome coupons I got a free Rumparooz diaper. (*note the current version is 5.0 of the diaper but its the same thing almost)
I had some amazon money from baby showers and used that to buy 2 wet bags, 3 more diapers and some toys and books.
I started out with 16 diapers when Hannah was 7 weeks old. Here she is in her first cloth diaper:
First Cloth Diaper Bumgenius Pocket 7 weeks
It was not bad! She was small enough that I could use just the small newborn insert. She didn’t have many rashes but I had some CJs butter as well to use and it is great! I was quite nervous at first to use diapers when I went out so for the first couple weeks I just used disposables. We had some still from baby showers. Eventually I got my nerve up and used them for outings. It was not as hard as I expected.
 I did end up buying 5 more diapers when they discontinued some of the colors and put them on sale. 16 is fine but I was having to religiously wash every other day and it was cutting it close. With the second order I also got a couple Thirsties hemp inserts and a prefold! That put me at 21 diapers total and I would typically wash every other day still but can go for 2 days if things were busy. I also got a couple GroVia covers and some snap in inserts to use as a back up when things get dicey for washing. I love the covers and eventually switched to using the covers and the GroVia prefolds for night.
That is what I  used to diaper Hannah from that 7 weeks until about 21 months. At that point I had to purchase some more dipaers since Teddy joined our family and I’ll have more about that in another post!
I just want you to know that you can diaper well with 24 diapers! It is not a lot, but you don’t have to buy 50! (you certainly can if you wish because they are CUTE!)
Why I love Cloth Diapers #clothdiapers RunningOnEaglesWings
All in all we are very pleased with our decision to cloth diaper. Even hubby makes comments about liking the ‘reusable’ diapers! He has also heard from coworkers about the cost of diapers and come home saying how glad he is we don’t have to buy them!
Do you cloth diaper? If not what is holding you back? 
*Affiliate links are used in this post. I will receive a small amount back if you purchase through these links.

LILLEbaby Essentials Review

Today I’m super excited about something NEW that is a combo of two of my FAVORITE things!!

LILLEbaby + chevron = NEW LILLEbaby Essentials carrier!

(Huge thanks to LILLEbaby for sending me the carrier early! & affiliate links are used.)

LILLEbaby Essentials Review - Front Carry - Running on Eagles Wings

The Essentials is a new 4-in-1 carrier for babies 7*-45 pounds! The best news is the retail price is $89.99! YES less than $100! It is made of cotton canvas and has some of the same great features of the COMPLETE but also some new features!! *NOTE infant insert required for 7-15 pounds &  available early 2016.

Similar to the COMPLETE, the Essentials has a solid waist band, large pocket, and 2-way adjustable straps. Features specific to the essentials include: A higher panel but no flip down neck support, Perfect Fit Adjusters, a mesh hood, and leg padding on the panel!


We absolutely LOVE this carrier. As a LILLEbaby ambassador we were selected to review the new Essentials carrier! It is quick and easy and I find that since the panel is slightly taller and wider than the COMPLETE it hugs my babies a little bit more. Both kids find it comfy. It does NOT come with a lumbar support – however I used this pretty easily for walks and store trips without it and didn’t have any issues. The lumbar support only helps so if you have one – use it!

I compared this with my Ergo and with the COMPLETE All Seasons. It definitely wins over the ergo. The panel is bigger and while the straps may be thinner, they are more supportive and the 2-way under arm adjustment makes it much easier to adjust. What was most shocking to me was the panel width! Teddy is not even fully knee-to-knee in the Ergo anymore at just 10 months old! It is not noticeably huge, but you can tell when wearing him. As for Hannah it was even worse! While she is 2, and it is not as important for her support, her legs definitely drooped more in the Ergo. Toddler wearing can be tricky as kids get taller and so the higher panel on the Essentials is fabulous! It comes to her upper back where Ergo on her is at her armpits- which leaves a lot of area for her to be able to lean back!

LILLEbaby Essentials vs. Ergobaby carrier

I tested out the front, back and hip carry of all 3 carriers for both of my kids!

Here is the fit comparison for Teddy. He is 10 months, 20.5 lbs, & 28” tall. I am 5’3” and wear a size 8/10.

LILLEbaby Essentials compared to Ergo and COMPLETE All Seasons for Infant

For Teddy we mostly still front carry, but I love the back carry in the Essentials! The panel makes me worry less about him and he can still get his arms out easily and look around in the Essentials.

Hannah  is 27 months, 26 pounds, and 33.5” tall and these are how she fit the front, back and hip carry in the Essentials, Ergo, and COMPLETE All Seasons.

LILLEbaby Essentials compared to Ergo and COMPLETE All Seasons for Toddler


We have mostly been a front carry family. However, the Essentials is fabulous for back carries. Its very comfy and the kids can both easily see out and are comfy and cozy.

Last but not least the Essentials comes with tons of #LILLEsleepydust and has proven super helpful for getting Teddy to sleep!

LILLEbaby Essentials #LILLEsleepydust


Get your Essentials HERE !

Check out all the other reviews of the Essentials by other LILLEbaby Ambassadors here:

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post. Also, I was sent this carrier free of charge in exchange for my review.

NeatCheeks Giveaway!

NeatCheeks Giveaway

Do you watch Shark Tank? We LOVE shark tank. We have actually found some amazing products from watching Shark Tank.

One of my favorite products so far is NeatCheeks!

I’ll be honest – when I first saw these I was kind of skeptical. Why not just use a baby wipe? That was their whole point on the show! What have I learned?! I learned that they ARE different and they ARE better! Why:

-The taste. They are not soapy like a baby wipe, nor are they bland. The sweetness does actually come through! Hannah enjoys getting them out *just* to lick them.

-The size. They are smaller than the wipes we typically use (Huggies), but still plenty large enough to actually wipe both kids up after a meal.

Today NeatCheeks is releasing their first Flavored wipe! Currently they are just sweet but now they are going to be flavored!

In honor of this new flavor and they will be re-aired on Shark Tank tonight (so watch it!!) I am giving away 4 travel packs of the original NeatCheeks!

NeatCheeks Giveaway Instagram Image

To Enter:

1. Leave a blog post comment telling me the messiest food you have accidentally given your kid! (mandatory for entry)

2. Head over to Instagram and repost my giveaway image – tagging me @runoneaglewings and #winNeatCheeksROEW and come back here and comment your Instagram name! (optional)

Contest will be open through Sunday 8/16 at 6pm PT.

Now go Wipe on a Smile for the weekend! 🙂

LILLEbaby COMPLETE All-Seasons Review

If you have been following me since Hannah was born you know that I am a big fan of baby wearing. One of the things I definitely wanted when she was born was a baby carrier! I used that carrier a LOT. Hannah was a late walker, and most of the time I was pregnant with Teddy I had to carry her!! She was and still is pretty hesitant about shopping carts.
Running On Eagles Wings - LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Review
As time went on I realized there were a lot more options for baby carriers out there! Before I had Teddy, Emily  suggested I try a LILLEbaby. She generously sent us a LILLEbaby to take with us last Christmas to Virginia to visit my family. Teddy was literally 3 weeks old. It was AMAZING. Here is one of the first times I had him in the carrier.
LILLEbaby Newborn Carry
We had gone to Target for a few items and had Teddy in the baby seat. I had Hannah in the carrier when I went into the store. At some point Teddy started flipping out. I switched the kids around and Teddy was back asleep in no time!
We tried out the old style All Seasons on our trip. It was great to keep the panel zipped up for the cold winter air. Upon returning to California, it was a bit warmer and it is so nice to have the option to unzip the panel which reveals a mesh center for more airflow to the baby.
Then I was asked to be a LILLEbaby Ambassador received the newer version of the All Seasons to try. The newer version has 2-way straps under the arms. It is shocking how much of a difference the 2-way straps make! So much easier to adjust! It still has all the other features as before: 6 carrying positions, Lumbar Support, Extendable Panel with the flip up neck support, and the wide straps and waist belt.
One of the most appealing features of the LILLEbaby is that you do not need an infant insert for newborns. If you have ever used an infant insert – you know how much of a pain it can be and how hot it can be. I know that more than once Hannah overheated in the insert we used. In the LILLEbaby, with an infant, you can use the wide seat with a blanket under their bottom to keep the legs in the natural frog-legged position OR you can use the narrow seat and their legs will be still seated ergonomically, but exposed. Teddy preferred the frog-leg position for a long time.  He is 3 months old here in the fetal position in the wide seat.
LILLEbaby All Seasons Wide Seat Infant
Eventually when he started wanting to push his legs out, we moved to the narrow seat. This was so handy!!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Narrow Seat
He was super comfy and loved the freedom of his legs being out!
When Teddy reached 6 months old he finally fit into the wide seat. To ‘fit’ the seat needs to fit baby knee to knee and their feet can swing freely!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Wide Seat
Let’s not forget about Hannah. She loves loves to be “UP”! At 2 and about 25 pounds, its not easy to carry her – LILLE to the rescue!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Hip Carry

Hannah is here in the Hip Carry. There are 6 total Carrying positions. The last one is the Back Carry. Pretty common and easily a favorite for when I need to “get stuff done”!

LILLEbaby All Seasons Back Carry

For the most part we stick to the face in and back carries. Occasionally we face out for fun activities like baking cookies or birthday parties!

LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Forward Face Toddler  LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Forward Face Infant

One of the advantages to the LILLEbaby arm straps is that you can switch them up so instead of back pack straps, you can cross the straps to make an X. This distributes the weight more on your back and not as much on your shoulders. It is our preferred carry for any long term wearing.
LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Crossed Straps, X straps
One of the other features that I love about the LILLEbaby is the flip up neck support. It is very helpful for toddlers who are taller to keep them from straining back too far, but for smaller babies it is great for sleep! It helps block out light and distractions. The other main thing that this neck support allows – NURSING! I have never before been a huge nurse-on-the-go person, but with the neck support and the wider shoulder straps – I can nurse and no one is the wiser!!
Here is a photo of me nursing at a church event!!
LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Nursing
I have nursed in the grocery store, on walks, at restaurants, at the zoo, and yes at church! It makes life with a nursing infant SO much easier.
If you would like to check one out go HERE!
We hope you can find the #LILLElove as well!
Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post. Also, I was sent this carrier free of charge in exchange for my review. 


Hannah Months 6 & 7!

Wow I am SO behind!

Hannah is doing great!

Hannah 6 Months:



Between 5 & 6 months I really started hitting hard some (not all) babywise principles. This made a huge difference especially in sleep. I started putting her down for naps awake. Keeping her feeding times and sleep times consistent (within 30 mins). It was a miracle! She settled down a lot. Most importantly she started sleeping through the night. I’m talking 8pm to 5am or so. Yes. truth. It was amazing. It was hit or miss at first but after about 2 weeks she was consistent.

We headed across the US to my parents for Christmas. We had a blast but it completely messed up the schedule! Oh well. She survived and we had a blast!


Wrapping paper was a hit- It all went straight to her mouth!  At Christmas we tried some food with her for the first time. She was less than impressed. I did not mash it very well and she gagged and did not have fun. oops. But once we got back home and got back into our routine she started eating more. Avocado, banana, applesauce, peas, sweet potato, butternut squash. She had no issues with any of the foods! I tried some blueberry/purple sweet potato puffs. Those she hates. go figure right?



She can roll over like a champ. Still not great at sitting up on her own. She will sleep back/side/belly however she wants usually!

6 month stats:

Weight: 14.5 lbs (25%)

Length: 25.5in (50%)

So she is pretty shrimpy! She dropped from 50% to 25% in weight. We think its because she dropped the night feeding. The doctor is not at all concerned. She was pleased with everything!

Hannah 7 months:


We continued the food, but it turns out Hannah has some very very sensitive skin. The food we had to back off on and cut back to bananas and baby oatmeal. She ended up with some pretty nasty rash. 🙁 It was beyond frustrating and nothing makes you feel more like a failure as a mom!

She is still sleeping through the night. We are still on about 3 naps/day. Two shorter ones in the AM and one longer one in the afternoon. She is starting to talk more and says ‘mama’ but I’m not sure she really knows what she is saying!

We did get a Jumperoo. WOW. Super fun and she has a Blast!!!!


This is the jumperoo we got: Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo  (affiliate link)

We have come a lot farther on sitting up now and she does great sitting on her own for a bit. She definitely still cries when she falls over!

Clothes – We are still in 6 month clothes! It all still fits pretty well. She is out of most stuff that said 3-6, but anything that is 6, she can still wear! And some of it looks baggy on her!

Overall Hannah has a great attitude and is definitely fun to be around and hang out with! She is very fun and loves to be tickled and laugh. She loves to dance around with you and jump!

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