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12 Days Fitness Christmas – Day 3

12 Days Fitness Christmas Day 3 - Sports Bra - Moving Comfort - Lululemon

Today we have every ladies MUST have item! A good quality sports bra. Yes you may think hey these Target bras are cheap and are OK. But really (unless you are super small) they do not offer support you need! Supportive bras support your girls and allow you to do MORE and have better quality workouts! I know I have many times had to back off on my workout intensity because I haven’t been wearing the right bra!

A few of my favs are the Moving Comfort Bras. They have a lot of options and have some great bras for nursing moms! They also go up to larger sizes if you need that!

Another favorite of mine is the Lululemon All Sport Bra or any of their other bras!  Other brands have some great bras like Under Armour and such. I haven’t varied outside of these lately! Do you have a different favorite?

Also remember – Like shoes and other gear your sports bras DO wear out! So if you can’t remember the last time you bought one – It needs to be replaced! 🙂

Rest assured one of these is on my Christmas list!!

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12 Days of Fitness Christmas – Day 2

12 days of Fitness Christmas - Day 2 - Foam Roller


On the Second day of Fitness Christmas we have….

A foam Roller! There are lots of foam rollers out there – High density Foam,  short, long, deep tissue massage (ouch!!)– but this one – the Trigger Point Grid 2.0 is my Favorite.

I recently have had a lot of back pain from maybe a lifting injury but that combined with baby wearing and nursing makes for a stiff and tight back! I have a high density roller at home I was using pretty regularly. Then our gym got some of these Trigger Point Grid foam rollers. It has made SUCH a difference! My pain is much less, I feel like my posture is better!

The back is not the only place to use a foam roller (probably one of the least rolled body parts!) – but rolling is so beneficial for your legs and post workout recovery! Yes its painful, but the results are fantastic!

What is your favorite (or most hated) body party to foam roll??

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12 Days of Fitness Christmas – Day 1

12 Days Fitness Christmas - day 1 - water bottle hydration

Happy December!!

Wow this year has like flown by! To help you with any indecision you may have about gifts for your friends or loved ones who are fitness fans – I’ve put together a 12 days of Fitness Christmas for you!

Hopefully these items will help you check something off your list!

Day 1 –  a Contigo Water Bottle  – With fitness (or just life in general!) hydration is KEY! It is what makes your body run all day and every day! We love the contigo bottles for their spill-proof -ness, easy to carry, and easy to drink. You can choose from 16, 24, or 32 oz size! Go big or go home right?!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s item!

*Affiliate links are used in this post. By purchasing through the link I will receive a small portion. Thank you for supporting our family.  

Happy 2014!


Yes it has been ages.. well months since I have blogged, but things are mostly settled down now!

However this cutie just wanted to say Happy New Year!



I’ll be back with an update on her and everything soon!



The Big 3-0!

A little over a week ago, I turned 30! Yep on the 18th! I didn’t make a big deal. I am not really sure how I feel about it and wasn’t entirely sure how to celebrate either!

We thought about going out of town to a local-ish resort, but man the prices were OUTrageous! Seriously like 400+/night. Uhh no thanks. Soo.. we stayed in and found some fun stuff to do here in town!

The day started with Breakfast. We have a favorite breakfast joint near our house but I was looking for something downtown. Thanks to some awesome twitter suggestions we hit up Portage Bay Cafe. I am not sure how I have lived her for 4 years and not heard of this place or been there! It was ridiculous. We ended up getting there a bit early and didn’t have much of a wait. As this was my birthday, healthy was not a consideration. Yumminess was the only factor! I am a die-hard pancake and french toast lover. I ended up going for the french toast. The regular ‘plain’ version. Which is no means plain! ha! It came out like this:


Then… they have a topping bar! Um yeah.. all kinds of goodies to top your french toast with. I came back with this:


Now I have to say 1. I totally forgot to get whipped cream because someone was standing by it and 2. I almost forgot syrup! that would have been a tragedy. My only suggestion for improvement would be having some chocolate chips. Yeah I’m serious. If you have never tried it – do. you will relive being 6 again!

Hubs got a really good omelet of some sort.

Then we were heading to Pike place market and we made a stop! We hit up Top Pot! We had no plans for birthday cake, so hubs thought Donuts would be just as good! We got a dozen yummies and a little treat for baby girl! How awesome is this:


Then we headed over to Pike Place to wander around a bit and get some flowers! We walked through the market, picked up some flowers and then I got to stop at Beechers and get some cheese!! Yum! I ended up getting the regular and some smoked cheese! Their cheese is like crack. Its SO yummy! Here am I with my flowers at the market! (ps – the flowers are so cheap! $10 for those puppies and they lasted a full week!)


Then we headed back home and chilled. I got to play with my new toys!! Since we didn’t end up going anywhere for my birthday, hubs got me a new Kindle. Yes I had one, but he got me the kindle paperwhite.  It has a front-lit screen so you can read in the dark!! He got it knowing I love to read and will be having some late nights up with the baby. Its small enough to hold in one hand! Here is a little collection of the birthday goodness:



Then my Mom got me a fun charm bracelet with a few charms! I love it!!  I can’t wait to add to it!


In the evening we headed over to our friends house. We took the cheese and picked up some salami and crackers to share. Always a big hit! After that we hung out before eating our birthday donuts!

And this is how my diet coke was brought to me.. Yes in a brown bag.. haha!


Then our dear friend who has a crazy imagination decided to get my donut and instead of putting a candle IN it, he shoved who knows how many birthday candles in a regular candle holder and lit them. It looked a bit crazy!!!


There is no better way to spend your day than with family and best friends! It was a fabulous birthday even though it was pretty low-key!

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