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I’m Back!!!!

Hello all!! 

I know. Let’s not discuss the rarity of these posts. However I am determined at the current time to get back to this. I have a lot of posts brewing in my head and even have a few mostly written out! 

A lot of things have gone on since my last few updates and I’ll detail some of it in the coming posts. Here is a snippet of a few things:

  • Our big move to California (!!!)
  • Hannah turns 1 year!
  • A little family surprise
  • posts about our favorite baby items the past year
  • some craft projects I have been doing
  • My trial with Jamberry Nails.. 
  • and hopefully more! 


I hope you haven’t abandonded me fully! I promise to try and get back to more interesting posts! 

Hope you are doing well friends! 🙂

Thursday Favorite!

This week has been different and sorry for being silent. Details will come next week but nothing wrong is happening! Just taking some ‘me’ time.

This week I am so thankfully and blessed to have an awesome sister! We had an amazingly awesome weekend together! We have fun and are pretty easy going!



I can’t say enough about how awesome, smart, and beautiful she is! Love you sis!

A New Chapter…

Starts Tomorrow!

This chapter involves a whole new lifestyle and a lot of nerves and a big decision…

I quit my job!!


The randomness from my desk! haha!

Today is my LAST day at my current job!! I have worked here for 4 years! That is a LONG time! The whole time we have lived in Seattle I have worked here. To date it is the longest ‘job’ I have had besides school! Kind of crazy to me!

I gave my notice 3.5 weeks ago. Yes longer than normal, but I don’t have a normal job.

Why: To be a stay at home mom! This has been our plan for some time. Because my job is relatively stressful and quite busy, we decided it would be best for me to quit before baby girl heads our way. This way I can relax and get things prepared (i.e. nest).

What am I going to do? Ahh the ultimate question! I have a pretty good list already but mainly I have a lot of crafting projects I want to do. I have some books to read. I plan on hitting the gym when I’m awake for good workouts and not at 5 am! Also, importantly, spend some time with friends!

I have to say it feels very strange to quit my job! It was a hard decision, but we know it was the right one. I feel so much relief and so does hubs. We are confident in our plans and budget to live as a one-income family. This is how we feel God is leading us to care for our family.

So onto my new adventure!!


Thursday Favs!

Alright! I am back for the second week of Thursday Favs!

Today is one of my favorite Items!!

Nalgene bottles!!



I get my Nalgenes from REI. (here) Of course being in Seattle I am an REI snob so thats ovbs where I shop! I seriously love these.  They go with me EVERYWHERE!!

If you look close you can see I have a straw in mine. Yes you can get a fancy little drinker top, but I find that I drink way more with a straw and the risk of spilling is considerably lower!!

I keep these filled up typically and in the fridge on the weekends and one is always by my side at work. I have a goal of drinking 3L of water a day and without these it would not happen.

You may ask why not stainless steel or what about camelbak bottles? Well I think the ss bottles taste funny. And I have an older camelbak but the new ones have annoyed the heck out of me and I have returned two of them already. So I gave up.

These bottles are great and can go in the dishwasher on a regular basis to be cleaned!

Do you have a favorite water bottle? What kind? 

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