We are usually into simple dinners these days. I usually work late and unless we do the crockpot thing dinner needs to take <30 minutes. Sometimes we do fancier things, but then we starve. ha!

One of our favorite things is chicken sausages and green beans:


This is the chicken sausages:

I buy these regularly at Safeway and while they might be a bit pricey they are amazing.  In the summer we grill them. A few times I have baked them, but mostly we split them down the middle and throw them on the George Foreman grill. (When you live in a chilly climate its a must!!)

They just have to get heated through, so it does not take that long.  The apple kind is our favorite! The apple gives it a hint of sweetness.  Yes they are a bit high in sodium but we tend to drink a lot of water so it does not matter as much. We do not eat it more than once a week. They are also pretty high in protein for what you get, so that is important!

Then to pair with it, we have some sauteed green beans! I buy whole green beans frozen. Heat up a skillet with some EVOO and throw in a bit of garlic and some sliced almonds. Throw in the green beans frozen. Stir them every minute or so and they will cook up in about 5 mins. I alternate between using minced garlic and garlic powder. Both work just fine. The almonds are optional but we love having them in and they add a little treat.


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