I just want to recap before I forget!! Wow time sure does fly!!

4 Months Old:


Hannah turned 4 months while we were visiting family in Oklahoma. They sure did have a fun time seeing her. The great grandparents and all! However this was in the middle of a very rough time for us! Hannah was not sleeping very well. She would wake 1-3x a night, be relatively fussy. She was still eating randomly maybe 1.5-2 hours or so, but it was more of a ‘snack’. She would quickly lose interest!

So at her 4 month appt, I was hoping the doctor had some suggestions and she did! I Love love our doctor! She is amazing! We moved Hannah to more of a 3ish hour eating schedule and she suggested letting her ‘cry’ some at night. Well at this point Hannah is still in our room, so that doesn’t work out too well for anyone! But the adjusted eating schedule made a WORLD of difference!

Her 4 month stats:

Weight: 13 lbs 4 oz

Height: 24.5 in long.

She is falling right on the doctors 50% line! So a nice size! She had not rolled over yet at her 4 month appt so the doc encouraged more tummy time of course! But overall she is doing great!

5 months old:


After the 4 month appt- I spread out Hannah’s feedings and got her on a very consistent schedule. It varied if we had things to do, but we settled into a very nice routine. She is super happy when she’s awake and goes to sleep pretty well.

She did learn how to roll over from front to back. But after doing it for a few days… She totally quit. And she pretty much cried on tummy time. Just put her face in the floor and started to cry. :/ I still did it until she would cry but not easy.

Not much else to report in here. Sleeping pretty consistent. Nursing well.


Me: Doing well. Back into working out here and there and all. Feeling good for the most part!


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