Another week has passed with some more fun cell phone pictures! I enjoy linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged. Its a great way to find new blogs and see what people value taking pictures of! Let’s get the Friday Party started!!



Last Saturday I hit the gym early and then hit the track for some sprints. It felt AMAZING! My leg didn’t hurt and it felt great to kill it on the track!



Last weekend I found some awesome blackberries next to our house. YUMMO.



Sunday I spent not that long and did some meal prep for the couple of days I was home. It worked out VERY well for me!!


This week I had to head to Phoenix for work. (Hence the palm tree!) I got up early BOTH days that I was there and hit the gym hard! The gym there is much more crowded than my gym here! Crazy!



I got some awesome Zensah Calf sleeves.  I wear them a lot when I travel because I have typically done a quality workout and don’t want my legs to cramp up. It definitely makes a difference. YES I have on dress capris with them. #DORK.



Tonight at Hubby’s work we had a baby shower for a coworker. It was fun and someone made homemade strawberry ice cream. And of course the rocket cookies! beyond delicious.

It was a good week overall and I’m ready for the weekend to get some R&R! Its a Holiday!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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