Welcome to another Edition of InstaFriday! This was a busy week and I totally forgot to take pictures all week, but I scrounged up a few!



Mmm Enchiladas with rice & beans. This was my cheat meal on Saturday night Date with the hubs. It was amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!



There have been some awesome sunsets here lately! Blue sky all day and amazing colors at night! Sad that the days are getting shorter, but we are definitely enjoying our weather while we have it!



Tuesday I went to run group. We did a little adventure run thing and I ran with a friend. She is FAST. I mostly kept up. ┬áThis time includes the fact that I forgot to stop my watch at the stoplights – twice. Every time I looked down the pace was maybe 9:30 or so? I was elated even though I felt like I was going to die! Running progress for sure!



After a long day at work, what is better than a smoothie and NCIS?! Had a nice relaxing evening with these!



That would be the moon. It always looks better in person, but it has been SUPER bright the last week or so. And this picture was at 7am!! Still up there just chillin!

Linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged another week!

life rearranged


Happy Friday!

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