Wow! I am finally making another week of InstaFriday!

To say things have been BUSY is an understatement!! However we are doing well! Just chugging along!!

Let’s get this Friday Party started!! Linking up with Life Rearranged!


life rearranged



I have been making bread recently. Yes I cheat and use my bread machine. However it is still good. I know EVERY ingredient that goes inside and I can pronounce it all! Plus this is amazing for sandwiches, but mostly toast. a small piece of toast with some eggs. yum.



I have a new serious addiction to strawberries, kiwi, and string cheese. They have been a lunch staple lately.



I am still doing my best to hit the gym as much as possible! Monday I did 25 min Metabolic effect weights (Metabolic effect program) and then 12 mins on the stair mill. Then I hit up 2:00 worth of planks! One of the best ab exercises and I can still do them on my elbows, but likely will move to hands soon. If you are looking for a good quality workout – the stairmill will do it for you! wow that thing is killer!!



Being hydrated is one of the most important things while you are pregnant! I already drink upwards of 60-90oz water a day, but sometimes I still feel lacking. I have started having a bottle of nuun in the afternoon. It takes away some of the boredom of water.



This week I have been focused on eating and cooking at HOME! It is hard sometimes, but this is one of our favorite meals I dug out. Its a sausage bake with swiss cheese and tomatoes. Very simple, but very good!! I got the recipe through our Emeals subscription!



In addition to cooking at home, also bringing my lunch has been happening!!  The aforementioned strawberries and kiwi and string cheese.  In addition to homemade bread sandwiches and some carrots.  Trying to keep it healthy! This also takes me some time to consume these days. haha. However very filling!

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Happy Friday!!

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