Another Friday! This Friday is pretty dreary and Rainy in the PNW. Thankfully its a bit warmer – like 50 instead of 45. But alas…

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Here are a few picts from this week:



Yes that is Mac&Cheese. I tried the Annie’s since it is supposedly better etc.  I have to say its not near as good as kraft. Sorry! I rarely have this and tried to make it a treat.. it was meh.



In addition to making Protein Muffins this week, I made some cookies. I added some Reese’s Pieces to the chocolate chips. Amazing.




I hit the gym a couple times this week. I am seriously sore! Man! Feeling good though!




This week was my dreaded glucose test! I downed the bottle in 3 minutes with the straw. The KEY! It did not taste that bad to me. Like flat soda. haha. I am pretty sure I passed because I never heard back from my doctor! Woohoo!!



This week (thanks to the new month!!) I ordered a memory foam mattress topper. I am SOO excited to start sleeping with this! I am hoping it helps me sleep a bit more! Hubs and I both had them in college but somehow failed to get one for our larger bed until now!



I have a serious affinity for Beef these days. We get amazing beef from our local butcher shop. I made some taco meat along with some tortilla chips and yummy salsa with cheese and sour cream. fabulous dinner. This is such a great dinner to me! haha.

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Happy Friday!

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