Spring/summer has arrived for now in the PNW! It has been a beautiful couple of weeks and I have been enjoying it!!

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I have been slacking with my Instagram picts but I have a few!



YES this has seriously been our weather! word! up in the 70s and sunny and even up to 80!! So fabulous. I did have to go buy some shorts!!! 



Yes and this is beautiful Seattle looking at the Olympic mountains. Seriously this is what it has looked like here! Don’t you want to move here?! ha! 



Hello Frappuccino! If you missed it this week is half price rom 3-5pm. I have been twice already! Sooo yummy!! My Fav is the Mocha Cookie Crumble! 



Even though its warm out, I have still hit the gym! Its almost better than being out in the heat! DId some upper body weights this week and elliptical! Definitely getting looks in the gym! its pretty hilarious to be honest!



With all the heat, it is so nice to have something cool in the evening! This is NOT ice cream! Its banana cream with a couple strawberries and chocolate sauce! Yes seriously! It is sooo yummy!


After bible study at church on Wednesday I was feeling a bit hungry and it was hot. I wanted some strawberries and skinny cows. Bananas are always a must and they had angel food cake right by the door! Those crazy stores! It is so yummy and really I could have picked more unhealthy options!

Now its a sunny relaxing Friday! Hubs comes home tonight from a short business trip and so we are hoping to have a fun relaxed weekend!

Have a great Friday & weekend!

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