Whew I guess I failed at blogging this week! Oops!!

It has actually been a very productive week! I have some great projects I have done and am excited to share them coming up!

I’m linking up with Jeannette for InstaFriday! Its so fun to see what people Instagram!

life rearranged

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This weekend I spent some time planning out the quilt I’m going to make for baby girl. Yes you read that correct. Yes I realize I am 33 weeks prego and planning on making a quilt. However its going to be AWESOME. However trying to sort out the material to buy was a bit daunting! I pulled out my trust TI-89 to help a girl out. Best.calculator.ever.



I hit the gym a couple days this week! This was after my shoulders workout. These tanks are great for upper body workouts! Tank is from Old Navy. Check out baby girl! Looks semi normal from the front then the side view is a bit different!!



Yesterday I got on a sewing kick and finished one project and then started and finished this one. Its a present for a special little girl who is a friend of my bff. Her mom has some serious medical issues so shes getting a little extra special treatment! I’ll post the details soon! However I am SUPER excited with how this turned out!



Today I hit the gym again. Leg workouts are getting a bit harder, but some modifications and using the machine really helps.  Did 2 circuits and had a good time! Yes the finisher was 10 burpees. no lie. Those suckers are hard, but seriously good for you!

I know I have been slacking on the instagram pics as of late! In the middle of a cleaning mess at my house to try and get organized and I’m not photographing it! lol.

Have a great Friday!!


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