Friday!! Its been a long week but a good one! Made some serious progress at home and also having fun with a couple of projects!

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There is a local drag strip that has a mini road coarse for racing. Hubs met someone that was racing last weekend so we went out there to wawtch a few races. It was pretty awesome! I love racing. There were not many people there but it was fun! 



Every so often we make sushi (California Rolls) instead of going out. It gets so expensive. But this is more than enough for our meal! We end up with some leftovers! Its really good! We use this:

Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit



I found this recipe on Pinterest. I’ll post deets next week. It’s essentially marinated Tomatoes. Its awesome on a bit of sourdough. Great for summer! I can’t wait to make it again!



Last weekend we made waffles. It makes a lot so I freeze the leftovers. I had one for breakfast with a bit of peanut butter and banana. Makes a good hearty breakfast! Yes that is a bit of sugar free syrup on top! So yummy!!



Things are coming together for the baby! A friend is making us a changing table and it has a couple drawers. I picked out knobs for it today! So excited about these! not quite glass fancy ones from Anthropologie, but close enough from Lowes! (here)

It has been a good week! I’m going to post some updates next week! Also have a bit weekend with a baby shower coming up! Should be fun!

Have a good weekend!!

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