Yesterday was a bit busy!! I have a few fun pictures for this week!!

Once again linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged!


life rearranged


Let’s get this party started!!


I discovered Ben & Jerry’s Frozen yogurt this week. Eating it one spoonful at a time.


My next project is close to being completed! I finished all the cutting this week! Binding will go on this weekend! Expecting the baby for it this week!! eee!!


These are “Hotties”. We buy them at our meat shop. Half a jalapeno filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Bake for 20 mins and EAT. so yummy!


Had a couple of great workouts in the gym this week! Enjoyed one in my new Run Pretty Far tank! Its great! I can’t wait to actually RUN in it!! PS- awesome company and the owner is hitting up the Cascade Crest 100 miler this week! Yeah!


The Summer is winding down here. Much cooler and less light. 🙁 However we are getting a few beautiful sunsets to enjoy!


Lastly, I got a carwash this week! One day a year Brown Bear has free washes! My car was soo dirty! It almost needs another wash!! My dad would be pretty sad if he knew how dirty it was!

Oh well! Life goes on!

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