Yeah its Tuesday. And this is instagram photos. I keep forgetting Friday posts and want to share some!

So here we go!



It has been really sunny a few days here and there! I was hanging out in the sun waiting for a ride last week while having work done to my Car. WORD that is the most annoying thing EVER. Some places are so sketchy!



This is one of my current projects! It was a bit tedious and still has some work to do but seriously LOVING the results so far!! I’ll post the final when I’m done with it – hopefully next week!



I have still been working out as much as I can with baby girl! She is getting bigger! It is nice though to not have to work out at 5am!!



Thursday I had a friend cancel lunch on me. So I headed to Jimmy Johns and grabbed a sandwich and then to the park! This is Lake Washington and if you look close in the far background are the olympics! It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed just chilling in the sun eating!



This is another of my projects that finally got completed!! I was making this blanket and didn’t have a plan for it but then Hubby said he waned to keep it for baby girl! I edged it in white to make it a little frillier! Its so fun! I can’t wait to use it! This is probably one of the few crochet projects I have actually kept for myself!!



Friday night we had baby class.  It was up on Cap hill.  Afterwards we headed to this Old School Frozen Custard. Holy YUM. this was amazing! I had vanilla with fudge sauce, marshmallow fluff, graham crackers and whipped cream! It was like a smore in a cup! Soo good! If you live around here – go here!

And thats All I have for this last day of April! How is that possible?! wow..

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