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LILLEbaby Essentials Review

Today I’m super excited about something NEW that is a combo of two of my FAVORITE things!!

LILLEbaby + chevron = NEW LILLEbaby Essentials carrier!

(Huge thanks to LILLEbaby for sending me the carrier early! & affiliate links are used.)

LILLEbaby Essentials Review - Front Carry - Running on Eagles Wings

The Essentials is a new 4-in-1 carrier for babies 7*-45 pounds! The best news is the retail price is $89.99! YES less than $100! It is made of cotton canvas and has some of the same great features of the COMPLETE but also some new features!! *NOTE infant insert required for 7-15 pounds &  available early 2016.

Similar to the COMPLETE, the Essentials has a solid waist band, large pocket, and 2-way adjustable straps. Features specific to the essentials include: A higher panel but no flip down neck support, Perfect Fit Adjusters, a mesh hood, and leg padding on the panel!


We absolutely LOVE this carrier. As a LILLEbaby ambassador we were selected to review the new Essentials carrier! It is quick and easy and I find that since the panel is slightly taller and wider than the COMPLETE it hugs my babies a little bit more. Both kids find it comfy. It does NOT come with a lumbar support – however I used this pretty easily for walks and store trips without it and didn’t have any issues. The lumbar support only helps so if you have one – use it!

I compared this with my Ergo and with the COMPLETE All Seasons. It definitely wins over the ergo. The panel is bigger and while the straps may be thinner, they are more supportive and the 2-way under arm adjustment makes it much easier to adjust. What was most shocking to me was the panel width! Teddy is not even fully knee-to-knee in the Ergo anymore at just 10 months old! It is not noticeably huge, but you can tell when wearing him. As for Hannah it was even worse! While she is 2, and it is not as important for her support, her legs definitely drooped more in the Ergo. Toddler wearing can be tricky as kids get taller and so the higher panel on the Essentials is fabulous! It comes to her upper back where Ergo on her is at her armpits- which leaves a lot of area for her to be able to lean back!

LILLEbaby Essentials vs. Ergobaby carrier

I tested out the front, back and hip carry of all 3 carriers for both of my kids!

Here is the fit comparison for Teddy. He is 10 months, 20.5 lbs, & 28” tall. I am 5’3” and wear a size 8/10.

LILLEbaby Essentials compared to Ergo and COMPLETE All Seasons for Infant

For Teddy we mostly still front carry, but I love the back carry in the Essentials! The panel makes me worry less about him and he can still get his arms out easily and look around in the Essentials.

Hannah  is 27 months, 26 pounds, and 33.5” tall and these are how she fit the front, back and hip carry in the Essentials, Ergo, and COMPLETE All Seasons.

LILLEbaby Essentials compared to Ergo and COMPLETE All Seasons for Toddler


We have mostly been a front carry family. However, the Essentials is fabulous for back carries. Its very comfy and the kids can both easily see out and are comfy and cozy.

Last but not least the Essentials comes with tons of #LILLEsleepydust and has proven super helpful for getting Teddy to sleep!

LILLEbaby Essentials #LILLEsleepydust


Get your Essentials HERE !

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post. Also, I was sent this carrier free of charge in exchange for my review.

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  1. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    The pictures look great. I really hope you enjoyed playing around with Canva.

    • Karla Rodkey

      Thanks! Yes I did. I hope to continue!

  2. Kat Alonzo

    Hi, do you know up to what waistline does the lille baby essentials fit? May husband has a waist line of 44 inches. Will it still fit him?

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