I like to Move it, Move it! 

We got Hannah the Madagascar Movie this weekend with some easter money and she LOVES it! She watched it I think 1.5 times today! 

Recap: Well we did pretty well last week and had more food that needed, but on the whole I probably splurged too much with sweets and all. I also had a checkup last week and I get to be in my boot for 3 more weeks.. FUN. NOT. 


  • Chest/tri/shoulder
  • swimming – I got a speedo this weekend! 
  • Legs on the machines

Meals this week:

  • Monday: Leftover chicken fingers and potato fries
  • Tuesday: Quiche
  • Wednesday: Burgers & baby potatoes
  • Thursday: Kebabs and veggies
  • Friday: Chicken sausage & green beans

Weigh In:

Down 1.3 pounds again!  

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