It has been awhile again. Honestly I have been working on posts, but I am just slacking on getting them up! I’m going to make a goal to post our weekly meals and my exercise plan every Monday. 

I’m joining Emily at Our Knight Life for these weekly posts! We are keeping each other accountable! 

I have been doing a whole30 and paleo eating lately and I have a whole other post with the details but it requires Planning. I really am enjoying planning meals for the whole week and have enjoyed cooking some new stuff! Not all of it has been winners though! I also re-joined the gym and have been working out. I got slowed down by a toe break last week, but rest assured I am trying to get it going as much as I can! 

Workouts this week:


  • Back and Biceps with recumbent bike 
  • swimming 30 mins
  • Chest/triceps/shoulders with recumbent bike
  • I am currently wearing a boot so I’m a little nervous to do any leg weights, so I’m just focusing on upper body and also doing some HIIT on the bike. I usually warm up and then do 10-20 mins of 30-45s sprint with about 1 minute recovery. It is a real workout! 


Meals this week:


  • Monday: Cracklin’ Chicken (nomnompaleo here) with roasted carrots and spinach
  • Tuesday: Sweet potato Turkey chili (recipe) with green beans
  • Wednesday: meatloaf and roasted potatoes
  • Thursday: Grilled chicken and probably green beans
  • Friday: Burgers and sweet potato fries


Weigh in:

-1.4 pounds

I weigh in on Saturday mornings at the gym. 

What are you favorite paleo eats?

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