Welll I’m a day late and probably a few dollars short but life right? 

Recap of last week – We didn’t make it through all of our meals. The chili was not a big hit. I only got one workout in on Saturday. And on Saturday some and Sunday I kinda splurged and had a bunch of junk food. Sooo not great but Back on track this week!


  •  Back/biceps workout
  • Chest/tri/shoulder workout – changing this up for april 
  •  HIIT on the bike. I see the doctor on thursday about my toe! 

Meals this week:

  • Monday: Grilled chicken and green beans
  • Tuesday: Steak and veggie Kebabs
  • Wenesday: Buffalo Chicken fingers with green beans & potatoes – Recipe Here
  • Thursday: Burgers & Sweet potatoes
  • Friday: Quiche! 

Weigh In:

down 1.3 pounds! yay! 


How was your week? 

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