Hello!!! Welcome to the second week of the No Fast Food Challenge!!

If you missed last week, you can find the details here!

This week we are going to be talking about Planning.

The best way to not feel like you HAVE to hit a fast food joint is to PLAN.

Planning takes time, but in the long run you save time AND money! Everyone wants to save money!

Eating fast food is NOT cheap! If you and 2 kids eat out lets day 2x a week – that is likely $25 or so including happy meals, drinks etc. That is a LOT. Considering $25 was HALF of my grocery bill this week?!

So what is involved in planning. Here are the steps:

1. Make a list of ALL of your families Favorite foods. Breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Yes ALL 3.

2. Make a chart of your week and then start placing in your meals. This is where Pinterest comes in handy:


Or something fancier:


You will notice the first chart has a place for Snacks! Snacks are important! Plan these into your day! Whether it is fruit or a piece of candy or whatever, but it needs to go on the plan.

3. Shop! Make a list of everything you need Off the meal plan and go shopping for ONLY those items!! Some people like to match the stuff on sale with their meals. Enh. Unless you want to spend a couple hours at this, only buying the stuff you NEED will be just as cheap!

4. Prepare! It does NOT end at shopping!



This is pretty much my weekly prep for Lunch AND Dinner. I’m DEAD serious. I pre-slice my apples and dump some lemon juice in to prevent browning.

Any meals you need to chop vegetables for or separate out stuff. Pre-prep any lunches and breakfasts. Separate snacks into baggies.  I do ALL of this typically on Sunday afternoon while watching football. It really only takes about an hour. And it saves at least that much time throughout the week!


Here is my update:

This week I did pretty well. I only ate out at Chipotle once and we had Pho once – thats not really unhealthy so its not really fast food. Other than that I did end up eating ramen one night and had a couple of home-made chocolate chip cookies saturday.

So how did you do this week?  This weekend?  Are you trying to steer clear of fast food or processed, unhealthy foods? Maybe just trying to eat healthier? 

Well, link up and share your experience!

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