Howdy! Been a few weeks since I last updated!

The last few weeks have been BUSY! To Recap:

I really started to show more the last few weeks. It has kind of happened pretty fast! you can check my Instagram feed for the pictures!

The other thing is that I started to feel baby movement! It started literally the day I hit 18 weeks! It first just felt like a flick or something. Over the last couple weeks, it has gotten a bit more frequent. It is kind of fun! It is not hard enough yet to feel from the outside.

I have still been exercising quite a bit. I have been lifting 2-3x a week and doing some cardio othrwise.  Typically 10-30 mins of the stairmill, walking, elliptical, running, etc. yesterday the weather here was decent for a bit! Hubby and I headed out on a 4 mile walk on the trail near our house!



Here is the standard side picture!



I am still wearing regular jeans! Woo! My kahkis don’t fit anymore but these jeans can still fit for now! Most of my shirts are materntiy shirts or baggier regular shirts as they are much more comfy. I’ll try to do a review on some of my favorite finds so far!

On Friday we had our anatomy scan! It was pretty cool! We elected to find out the gender:



This time around its a GIRL!!  She is quite an active little bug! She was all over during the scan and we had a hard time getting the gender!

We are very excited and have started planning a few things, but not a ton. We are going to keep it simple for the time being!

However in my excursion to Target this weekend I came across this gem:



Hello?! who wouldn’t buy something with a rocket on it?! This is pretty much baby Girl’s First piece of clothing we purchased knowing it was a girl! HA!

Now for the other things:

Nausea- Enh its mostly gone. I have had a couple bouts of some nausea for a bit. However thankfully I feel like this is mostly behind me!

Food – Yeah.. I have food issues.  Lol. This is nothing new to me. I have more aversions than cravings. So far things like the smell of McDonalds Breakfast food makes me almost hurl. Thinks like chicken and broccoli are very unappetizing. I am ok with beef.

Energy – For the most part I am doing fine. I can usually handle my 5am wake up to hit the gym and then up until about 8pm with a full day of work. However too many days of this in a row and I am quite toast! I have been sleeping pretty well so far. I wake up a few times to hit the loo, but other than that its not terrible yet.

Weight – I am not really concerned. At my appointment Friday I finally got back above my starting weight.  I gained maybe a bit more than is expected, but since I had very little gain so far, it doesnt seem like a big deal. Also, I had to hit the scale the day after flying. So I was possibly still retaining a lot of water.

Overall though I am doing well! Halfway through (Crazy!!!) with a healthy baby girl! Due date is still June 30!



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