Wow I am not great at these!

23 weeks already!!

I definitely officially LOOK pregnant and feel it more these days! Baby Girl is quite active and multiple times a day and at night I can feel her moving and kicking!

Life has been pretty busy with work, but I have been doing some exercise still – the best I can with the schedule of work. I am still traveling quite a bit to get in a few last trips before I have to stop flying the friendly skies!

Current Picture:


(hubby wanted the funny face!)

And a few activities over the last few weeks:


Some tread mill time at the hotel one morning! I also did some weights!


Still rocking the gym as much as I can! You can see some of the growth here of baby girl!


There was fro-yo in the MSP airport! seriously?! It was pretty awesome!

Lastly with all the Travel, the Compression socks and #legsupthewall have been making quite a few appearances!


This has been a major major help to how I have been feeling after flying and any time in the car!

Now for the common questions:

Food: I think this is getting better, but I am just sensitive to food in general. I am trying my best and have hit more veggies in the last few weeks than I was before! Slowly gaining ground on the meat eating!

Energy: To me Its not 100%, but I presume this is as good as it is going to get for now! I can do pretty well most days, but definitely need to be in bed by 9 to be functional the next day. If work is busy, by Friday noon, I am practically toast. Not even worth being at the office I would say. The weekends, have been major recovery time for me and we are doing some cleaning and whatnot but nothing very crazy or active. I have done some light walking on the weekends, but no gym time.

Name: We do not have a name. It is utterly crazy and confusing. and when we do figure it out, we will not be sharing. sorry!

Countdown – 18 weeks left?! So crazy how fast time flies!

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