Two more weeks have gone by!! Baby girl is growing!! I definitely feel her a lot more!

Life has been pretty crazy busy still! I have been keeping up my exercising and trying to keep everything else up to date!

25 weeks picture:



One of the things I have really noticed is the pelvic tilt! I have always had one, but it has gotten a lot worse! I am still working on abs and might do some pelvic exercises. Any Tips???

This week I hit the gym in my new Old Navy bubble tank! I got the pants from Marshalls.



I did some rowing machine to warm up, did upper body weights, and then 10 mins on the stairmill.  10 minutes may not seem like much, but when it comes to the stairmill, its hard work!!



I also got this super cute tee at Old Navy for $7!!! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to wear it!! It got chilly again here!

Here is last week’s workout picture – 24 weeks:



I have been mostly doing upper body weights after some issues with lower body but hoping to start back soon on some easy leg workouts!

Now for the typical analysis:

Food: Mostly doing better. I can eat more, but have to eat smaller meals. I found out the hard way that over eating is quite painful when baby girl kicks a stomach FULL of food. OUCH! I still have some smell sensitivity and am still leery of most meat. haha. I am ok with beef.

Energy: I am doing alright and can still get a good workout in, but with work, by the end of the week I am TOAST. By Friday’s I have been haing issues just making it through the day. Weekends have been a lot of resting. This is ok, but I do have stuff I want to do, that sometimes I feel like I don’t have energy for.  I am actually sleeping pretty well at this point. I get up several times a night of course, but Its not bad.

Movement: baby girl is expanding in her area and I feel it up almost to my ribs all the way down! It is kind of crazy! Sometimes she has spurts of a lot of movement. She really LOVES music! She moves a lot during church which to me is awesome feeling.

Weight: I have single digit weight gain so far. I feel pretty good and don’t feel the extra pounds too much yet!

Belly Button: Definitely still an Innie! Its not there yet, but stretching!!

Registry: I finally got a registry sorted!!!

Countdown: 16 weeks! AHHHH!

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