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1st Trimester Review!

Alright! Since yes we are officially expecting, I’ll post a review of what all happened during the 1st trimester and how I felt! So many people have asked! I greatly appreciate it!

To start off, Yes we wanted kids. No it was not really a surprise. Well yeah it always is for when it actually happens but you get the idea! We are elated and very excited!

When we found out: I took a test on 10/28 that came back positive. Yes A test. I only took one. Call me crazy. They are too expensive to take more!

Here is a ‘pre’ picture from that week:


I was not showing for sure but kept up my workout routine as much as possible. (Clearly not awake or not feeling well in the picture!)

I did experience a LOT of fatigue. Pretty much between work and hitting the gym a few times a week, that was about all I could handle. And I still had to go on a few work trips. Those were not at ALL fun. Try working with people and pretending to be peppy when you feel like you could fall asleep or puke. not. fun. However, I survived! And I kept at it best I could. The tmill became my friend again!


I was not fast, but it was better than nothing! Yes the 5am workouts continued! Its really the only time I can get them done! I still did as much lifting as possible, but clearly got tired quicker and I lightened up on the weight, per the (JillFit) coach’s suggestions.

Nausea: Yeah I had it. No I never puked. You decide if that is good or bad. It was not just in the morning. It was all day. Often times in the evenings more so than the mornings. I was very careful to try and keep food in me and eat as often as possible. When I didn’t was when I suffered the most. On one or two work trips, I had little access to food, and it was very, very bad. The nausea resulted in a lot of this for dinner:


Cereal for dinner. Hubby was not thrilled at the lack of vegetables, however I was just trying to keep food in me. Over the whole 12 weeks I lost up to 5 pounds at one point, but then gained a couple back.  At the end I was only down about 2.5 pounds. I figure its not bad.

Here is another picture about 9 weeks. Pretty much the same in my opinion. Just a different shirt!


One of the other important things is to keep HYDRATED!! I drank as much water as I could and somehow even though the baby is not very big you have to hit the loo twice as often! At least I get some extra workouts heading there all day!


Customary water bottle with ice and a straw. You drink a lot more with a straw!


Overall I have to say that I feel pretty lucky. I was not terribly sick. I was pretty tired but I was careful to get my proper rest. I am now feeling MUCH better.

Up Next:

I plan on doing bi-weekly posts. Updates on how I feel and the workouts.

Due Date:

June 30, 2013!

The countdown is on!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013!!

We flew back to Seattle on New Year’s Eve so we did not really celebrate! I know party pooper!

On New Year’s day, we only had dinner plans with friends, so I hit the grocery store, worked on laundry and went on my first run in a few weeks!

Some of my usual running friends were hitting the trails for anywhere from 5-8 miles. Seems like a lot, but I know I could take it easy and fast hike. We hit the trails at 10 am. It was still only about 30 degrees! However there were no clouds and it was beautiful! We ended up running about 5 miles. My Garmin got paused for about 10 mins so its about .25 mi off. Here is the post-run picture!


I am sort of but not really showing! I still think I look pudgy! Currently at 14 weeks and I feel like I am getting my energy back!

As for the run, we definitely took it easy and I felt just fine. Had lots of water and a Gu. It felt great to be outside!

Today I have a little knee soreness, but I think it is from sleeping funny not running! And I am feeling pretty good!

This was an awesome way to kick off 2013!

How did you kick off 2013? 

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