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JillFit August 2016 #20x20challenge Recap

August 2016 #20x20challenge JillFit Metabolic effect workouts

Jill threw down the #20x20challenge again this year for August! Complete 20 workouts in August that are ~20 mins long. I completed this challenge last year and you can read my recap here.  This year I was SO excited for this challenge. I was coming off a month  of 3 vacations (truly it was amazing!) and looked forward to the challenge and getting back on track!

The basic of the challenge is to complete 20 20 minute workouts(hence #20x20challenge) and be accountable with it- posting to Instagram.  It is a weight training challenge so at least 12 of the workouts had to be weights – not cardio. Workouts are limited to 30 mins tops! This is the metabolic effect way of training and in reality you can’t do these workouts longer than 30 mins!

Thankfully Jill provided workouts for this challenge.  She provided 8 weight training workouts and 6 cardio workouts to mix and match. I tried to loosely follow the schedule she provided. She pretty much had 2 full body workouts per week then 1 upper and 1 lower body workout. These workouts are not for the faint of heart! Here is one of my posts after one of the upper body workouts. I had to sit to rest up before I could even put my weights away!!

Running On Eagles Wings #20x20challenge #day3 JillFit Metabolic effect workouts August 2016

The lower body workouts were a serious challenge for me for this. I definitely had to step out of my comfort zone for them and get back to using the bar for squats and lunges. I also conquered my fear of box jumps and kettle bell swings this last month! The upper body workouts were a challenge too! I’ve been struggling with shoulders after a small injury last year so I’ve been hesitant to really push myself but I figured this was the perfect time. I can definitely see some improvement and I’m really excited to keep it up!

Awesome shoulders and Squats with the bar!

Running On Eagles Wings #20x20challenge JillFit Metabolic effect Squats and shoulders

In this #20x20challenge I really had to push myself to Keep Going. Doing 4-5 weight lifting workouts per week is a struggle. If you aren’t careful you CAN get injured. I’m also a full time mom to two little kids. Sometimes I don’t get that much sleep. Sometimes I’m having to work around my entire family getting the stomach bug. My kids get up at or before 6 am and they are busy pretty much from the moment they wake up! Some days I can get to the gym and all I want to do is meander on the treadmill or sit on the bike and play on my phone – BUT I know and have found that by getting going and doing just those 20 minutes my whole attitude will change. It gives me the energy I need to get through the day. It gives me the motivation to keep going.

To keep going you have to BELIEVE in yourself.  I believed that I could complete this #20x20challenge.  Even when we were all sick with the stomach bug I sat down with the calendar and was counting out the days so I could complete it! I believed that I could do those shoulder workouts which made me nervous. I believed I could do the bar squats and box jumps. Guess what? I DID. I completed all of that. Yes I have my moments of not thinking I’m strong enough, but at the same time I can see the small changes here and there in my arms or my legs that the weight lifting is making a difference!

This #20x20challenge didn’t have a nutrition aspect to it. BUT I know enough about Metabolic effect and earlier this year doing Metabolic Prime – I know the premise and the guidelines for getting your HEC (hunger, energy & cravings) under control and eating well. So this month I challenged myself to step it up and sort out my nutrition. I had 1-2 protein shakes per day. I use either Orgain Organic protein, Amazing Grass Protein Superfood, or Arbonne protein. Then I sometimes would have a couple eggs and one slice of bread as a snack. In general I didn’t feel the need for other snacks even! Just a spoon of almond or peanut butter if I was starving. Then dinner was usually protein such as chicken, a little rice, beans, or potatoes. Typically a lot of protein, limited carbs, and some veggies. I’m not perfect -Yes I ate out and ate other stuff. But in general I felt a lot better and was still FULL.

I can see some definite improvement in my arms. I can lift heavier and I can squat a lot more. My legs are also getting some better definition.  I also noticed my midsection seemed slimmer.  The truth is the scale – it didn’t change! Its NOT all about the scale! I take measurements on the first of the month (except I forgot August). So between July 1 & September 1 here are the results:
Waist:- 1 inch
Thigh: -0.5 inch
arm: -0.25 inch

DID you read that?! yes I lost an INCH on my waist! No the scale didn’t move but things are changing! That is the most encouraging part! My clothes fit better and that matters!!

I owe Jill a HUGE shout out. She is amazing. There were a LOT of people participating in the #20x20challenge. Do you know that she spent HOURS on instagram commenting and liking and encouraging people?! She did. She read our struggles and wins and participated. Its one thing to have someone do this when you pay them-  but this – this was for free. So thank you Jill for being so awesome and for offering this again! I can’t wait until next year!

Lastly, one of the perks of participating in this was if you completed it and posted all your workouts to Instagram – you were entered to win some prizes from Jill. Its not the main perk  – really the accountability of the challenge is the main perk – BUT its a bonus. And uhh you guys – I was one of the winners! So stay tuned for what I pick as my reward from the challenge and what this next year is going to look like!

Did you participate in the #20x20challenge? If so, leave me some love & your instagram name and tell me what was the #1 thing you got out of it!

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JillFit #20x20challenge Recap

JillFIt #20x20Challenge Recap  -Running On Eagles Wings


You guys. This was HUGE. I started off NOT thinking I could hit 20 workouts. I get to go to the gym 2 times a week. This challenge required 5 workouts a week. That meant I had to do 3 AT HOME. I HATE working out at home. Its hot, my kids are running around, and I have plenty of ‘other’ things to do.

So this month I told myself. It’s ONLY 20 minutes. Go sit down and see how long you spend on Facebook the next time you open it for a ‘quick’ check. I bet you its at least 20 minutes! That short time can be used to accomplish a sweat successful workout! I hauled my bike trainer out of the garage and cleaned it up and my bike. I bribed my child to sit while I worked out. I made trips to the gym for awesome ME time. I Planned. I worked hard. I sweated.

Here is a recap of my 20 days of workouts:

Day 1-5 I recapped Here.

Day 6:  HIIT on the bike (progressive intervals)
Day 7: Upper Body/ Plyo
Day 8: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 9: Upper Body workout
Day 10: 20 min Full Body
Day 11: Closet Plyos
Day 12: HIIT on the bike (progressive intervals)
Day 13: Back & Biceps
Day 14: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 15: 5×4 Full Body at home
Day 16: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Day 17: Closet Plyos
Day 18: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 19: Back & Biceps
Day 20: Delt Domination + 5 min plyos

Not all of these workouts were from the official Program. I added in a few of my own that fit my schedule.

Did I lose weight: no. According to the scale my weight is UP.

Did I lose inches: I believe so. Some of my pants & shorts are not as tight.

Muscle Definition: better! I really feel like I can see more definition in my legs and arms!

Up Next:
I have some fitness goals for September and will be sharing some workouts for home & the gym! So check back tomorrow for the first one!

I also want to focus more on nutrition. The only thing I was consistent about was getting my protein in after a workout. My nutrition wasn’t terrible but it was definitely Sub-Par. I know that nutrition is probably 80% of the deal BUT I wanted to focus on one thing at a time. Now that I know I CAN do these workouts, I can focus on the next step.

Did you participate in the #20x20Challenge with JillFit? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! 

My whole30 – almost!

So First off, I am attempted a whole30 with a few modifications. I’ll explain more. I kind of decided last minute and jumped in real quick. As in did some research for a few days and then just started!

I started on February 18th ‘officially’ I guess you would say.
Background – My second pregnancy was hard. I carried Teddy much higher and it really affected my body. It affected what and how much I could eat significantly. So much that I even got gall bladder scans because they thought I maybe had stone or an issue. I was GBS positive, so in the hospital I had antibiotics. A lot of them since I was there for about 24 hours before T was born.  After the delivery and I started to get back to normal I noticed I was having a lot of digestive issues. I did some research and asked around to some friends and my good friend B, really encouraged just doing a whole30 to see. I pretty much figured why not? Also, we have had issues with Teddy being pretty sensitive to dairy and some constipation, so the hope is that this helps him too!
The modified part: I am nursing – I have a 3 month old baby. Yes I know you can do whole30 while nursing and all that jazz. My ‘modification’ is that I’m not stressing some of the small details. Such as – I know the ketchup we have has sugar in it. I’m not tossing it (brand new) – I’m just using as little as possible and very sparingly. Same with BBQ sauce. Same with Bacon( which why is there sugar?!) but not all our stores have sugar free bacon and with 2 littles I can’t trapeze all over the city to find it! I also had a lot of snacks- nuts raisins and Larabars. I know the type of person I am and stressing over a few extra small details is not good for me. I am also continuing to use my BCAAs as I don’t really drink coffee and they have a tiny bit of sweetener. You can hate on me all you want, because it’s not 100%. I’m trying for 100% but in reality I know that I’ll hit 98% and that’s OK with me!
The first few days were not bad. I definitely had a huge sugar withdrawal headache! I had prepped pretty well food and snacks and wasn’t too hungry. I made a meal plan and did costco and trader joes and sprouts shopping. It was funny the night hubby saw me eating a burger in lettuce. I didn’t really tell him much and just sprung it on him as well. He pretty much eats what I set out and I know what he likes in general. My friend B has been an awesome text support friend! She has suggested meals and altering my food here and there.
After the first week, my women’s bible study group started a challenge for a month of no grains or sugar. I’m doing no dairy and being a lot more strict, but its wonderful to have the support! We have shared a lot of recipes and stuff so far!
I’ll recap my food up to this point –
Breakfast :
Roasted sweet potatoes, 3 eggs, 2 slices of bacon. Also I usually eat a banana and spoonful of almond butter. And a lot of water!
Usually I have some chicken with guacamole, tomatoes, olives, maybe some green soup. Then either just mixed berries or some berries in coconut yogurt.
Varies. We have done simple chicken sausage and zoodles, burgers, grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, more eggs and hash browns. Then we have done more complicated chicken and meatloaf.
So how am I feeling? Well the first two weeks or so were and adjustment on the system. It was up and down. I am feeling a lot better these days. I feel clearer and have more energy – as much as I can get when you still are up in the night! The next 2 weeks were kind of like cruising. It got a little boring but I hung in there. The 5th week was probably the hardest because I was bored with food and didn’t meal prep as much.
As for my digestive issues. I feel a lot better and have had fewer issues. I’m still having a few things here and there but they mostly happened when I cheated. I am also taking some probiotics and hopefully they are helping. I have learned I am pretty sensitive to foods cooked in a lot of oil.
Teddy is doing well with no dairy. I accidentally had something with dairy in it and it was pretty clear it didn’t sit well with him! He had a lot of gas and constipation.
I mentioned this above but I did have a few cheats. I had a couple cupcakes and we ate Thai food I think twice. Once was when I broke my toe and couldn’t cook. I enjoyed my treats but they did affect me. I didn’t feel great the next day and ended up with some uncomfortable gas. So In reality this wasn’t a REAL whole30. I feel like I came close. Maybe in a few months I’ll try for more, but for the time being I’m more than ok with the changes I made.
I know it’s not the main point or even a goal of whole30 but weight loss can happen. Over the 5 weeks I lost 7 pounds. I didn’t measure but I can now fit into the next size down of pants I couldn’t fit into before.
What’s next? Well I think since its working and I feel pretty well I’m going to keep up for the most part. I may try to reintroduce a few items such as peanut butter and see. The ladies in our church group want to continue the paleo challenge as well so I’m keeping accountable with them! I love having others on the journey with me!
Have you tried a whole30? 


Update: No Soda September

So I issued this challenge at the beginning of the month:



Did you decide to Join? If so how are you doing?

Have you had ANY soda?

My update – This has been harder and easier than I thought.

As of today – the 15th – NO SODA!! WOO!!

What I am doing to combat the cravings – most water and more water. with LOTS of Ice! I have had a jug of crystal light a couple times just because its been ridiculously hot and the flavoring really helps me drink something. I almost daily have my BCAAs. usually in the afternoons. Yes I have coffee.

So Have I been tempted?! YES! its been so hot that I’m like please I just want a $1 McDonalds coke or the ones from the gas station… AND more than once hubby has brought home a 2L of diet coke. AHHH IN THE HOUSE! Its so hard, but I haven’t had any!! But I’m determined to make it through the end of the month!

How is it going for you? Leave a comment letting me know! 

NO Soda September

YES you read that correctly.

This is my plan for the month and I want YOU to join me!  2014_09-nosoda

Soda is so hard for me. When I was working I depended on it a lot for all my travels and just making it through a work day! But since being home more, I will drink it when we go out or if we buy it. So I have been trying to just NOT buy it. I have been pretty successful. However the heat here in California always gets to me on the weekends and I end up with a $1 coke from somewhere…

So last week a friend posted this photo in a group I’m in on Facebook:


Source is but I have been unable to find the article. Just trying to keep it real. Sorry. (if you find it, let me know!)

Ok Ya’ll for real. Look at this. And you KNOW it is true! I have pretty sensitive teeth and I know soda makes it worse. I totally believe that it can affect your skin – all the chemicals in soda?! I won’t even go into the aspartame stuff. Do the research yourself – or don’t. I bet you already know. But if you really want something to kick your butt in gear – go read. and don’t be eating while you do it. It’s pretty disgusting!!

So my challenge is NO soda for the month!!

What do you do instead?! 

Well.. WATER! Duh! But I know water isn’t ALL that appealing all the time. Tea, coffee, flavored water – even carbonated water. I love my water loaded with ice and cold! This isn’t about no caffeine. Its about no SODA. I hesitate to include things like Crystal light because it is full of fake sweetener as well. So just be careful!

My favorite thing to use is BCAAs. They are Amino Acids that have energy qualities and yes some caffeine. My favorite is:

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy – Concord Grape

I use this pre-workout for a good boost and to not get sick off coffee or anything else and I more frequently use it when I hit that afternoon slump. You can vary the amount you use for flavor and caffeiene. I do 2 scoops usually. It definitely hits the spot! I will say this brand DOES have sucralose in it. There are some brands like MRM Reload that have a few flavors without that sweetener. Just read your labels!

The Challenge:

You have until this Friday, September 5th, to sign up. To sign up email me!! runningoneagleswings {at} gmail DOT com. Let me know you are participating.

During the month, if you post on Instagram or twitter use the hastag #nosodaSeptember and let’s spread the word!

For all those that sign up and participate I’ll have a drawing at the end of the month for a prize (yet to be determined!)

We can do this! Let’s go!!!


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