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DIY Easter Baskets!

Running On Eagles Wings  -DIY Easter Baskets - Simple sewing - Great for young kids

Holidays stress me out.¬†I’m not a huge person into lots of gifts, but I think something little is fun. Last year for Easter the grandparents sent along a few items for the kids, but I really wanted some fun baskets to put stuff in and for them to use in the future for egg hunts and all.

When I talked to my mom about baskets she mentioned seeing some and I looked all over Etsy, but by the time I looked everything was pretty much sold out! ūüôĀ Soooo Off to Pinterest (follow me here!) I found this super cute post¬†where she made some adorable baskets! The original tutorial is here.

I went and bought the fabric and stabilizer at Joann Fabrics but didn’t end up cutting everything out until Saturday Afternoon nap(ahem the day before Easter)!! Then I sewed the two baskets after getting the kids in bed Saturday Night. I would say for the two baskets it probably took me about 3 hours total. For the first time doing anything round and making this, I think it wasn’t bad! Here is the finished product:

Running On Eagles Wings  - DIY Easter Baskets

And the baskets with stuff in them:

Running On Eagles Wings - Easter Baskets full of goodies on Easter Morning

What was included in the Easter baskets? For Teddy: I had Aden + Anais blanket and lovies, My mom sent some clothes and fun book. For Hannah: I got an Aden + Anais blanket, an Applecheeks Swim Diaper, & my mom sent bubbles, a dress, outfit, a bath toy, and a little purse. My mother-in-law sent a book, stuffed bunny, some hopping wind up toys and play eggs and 2 other baskets.

The baskets were a total success. Hannah took her Easter basket with her everywhere Sunday! It was the perfect size for her small church egg hunt! She knew to get the eggs in her basket without me showing her!!

I’m so excited this¬†year to have both kids enjoy their Easter baskets!! It was a fun and simple project. The ONLY change I would make would be to extend all the measurements by 1/2″ so there is more seam allowance. I’m not good at 1/4″ seams and it was pretty hard to put the bottoms in with that small seam!

Have you made your kids Easter baskets or other holiday items? Let me know in the comments!

Crochet Chevron Blanket Tutorial

Crochet Chevron Blanket Tutorial Free

Is this not a gorgeous blanket? I LOVE crochet and I love how it turns out! It is a wonderful relaxation time for me and always turns out way better than I expect!

I made this for a dear friend who loves to crochet as well, but just didn’t have the time for this baby. I have previously done a zigzag (chevron) blanket¬†¬†but that was single crochet, I didn’t like how steep the peaks were and I wanted something faster. I searched and searched for patterns I wanted, and I even started a few and couldn’t get the hang of them! So I used what I learned and created my own!

(based on the size blanket I made)

~3 skeins of yarn (My favorite baby is Bernat Baby Softee)

note: quantity of yarn will vary based on size of blanket.

crochet hook (I used H – 5 mm)


ch: 138

Starting in 2nd ch from hook – dc2tog. then dc in each of next 8 ch. *3dc in next ch, dc in each of next 10 ch, skip 2 ch, dc in each next 10ch*, 3dc in next ch, dc in each of next 8 ch, dc2tog, ch2 turn.

Repeat whole pattern each row changing colors when desired.

Stitches Reference

ch: Chain

dc2tog: double crochet 2 together – do half of one double crochet and leave 2 loops on hook then start the next double crochet and finish pulling through all loops.

dc: double crochet


The dc2tog makes a nice even edge along the sides of the blanket.

This pattern is easily adjustable to make larger or smaller. (also note that using a different size hook will result in a different size blanket)

Decide how many peaks you want in the blanket (the pattern above is for 6 peaks).  Use this formula:

(21 * # of peaks)+ 2*(# of peaks -1) +2.

Here is the math done for you for a few!

6 peaks =  138 ch

8 peaks = 184 ch

10 peaks = 230 ch

Do you like to crochet or knit? Share what you are working on currently in the comments!

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Crochet ZigZag Blanket

Awhile back one of my friends posted a picture of a crochet blanket on Facebook asking if anyone knew how to make it. It was a grey and white chevron (zigzag) blanket. I just commented that I knew how to make one. I made one a long time ago, but I knew I had the pattern somewhere. So a few days go by and she messages me that the person she had originally been working with to do it wanted HER to buy all the yarn, find the pattern etc. She had NO clue. She then asked if I wouldn’t mind just doing it all. She would pay me etc. I said sure. Hmm..

So I bought my yarn and found the Pattern (here).

It didn’t seem too bad at first. Here is a close up of the beginning.


It looked pretty good. I was pretty excited.

Until I calculated how many rows I needed to do and how big the blanket needed to be. This is all single crochet. It took me a long time. There was a lot of TV watching involved and quite a few late nights. However, I do not mind because the end result was amazing.



That is my crib and ironically matching pattern. I just might have to make one for myself!

The girl loved the blanket and I finished it just as the baby was born so she was able to use it for her newborn pictures!

I used Bernat softee baby yarn in white and flannel. It took about 1.5 skein of each color.


Chenille Baby Blanket #2!

So this was awhile back and I’m just getting around to posting it! I am slowww at downloading pictures off my camera. I have an older laptop with no direct card reader. It can be painful!

I my first Chenille baby blanket awhile back and decided to make another. This time I got some adorable Fabric from Fabric.com. Ya’ll that place is awesome! I got the fabric there and then bought the flannel at JoAnns on sale and with a coupon of course!

Here was my preview picture of the fabric! 

The fabric is Urban Zoologie Monkeys Royal. It washed up nicely and was easy to work with.

I made this blanket for a good friend of mine in my Bible study group! We have been in the same group for 2 years now!

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on this blanket and I was nervous with how long the first one took me.  Luckily I was able to get all the sewing done within 2 weekends and then used the weeknights to do the cutting. I did better on the binding on this one than the last one.  Here are just some pictures:

The very beginning of the sewing! A bit freaky to start!

And lots of progress… This blanket was made while consuming a whole back of Chocolate covered craisins. They were yummy! The stomach ache was not so fun! Oh and this went along with an unknown number of Gilmore Girls episodes!!

Cutting with my awesome scissors!

A few close up pictures showing the binding and the before and after wash.

Close up of the binding and the fun ruffles after washing! Turned out great!

And at the the shower all I could get was a blurry picture of my friend opening it, but everyone loved it!

I have another blanket in process and I’ll update it when I finish!! Its a lot slower going! I’ve been a bit sidetracked with the marathon training & work!