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Applecheeks Cloth Diaper Review

Applecheeks Cloth diaper review - Running On Eagles Wings

It is no secret around here that we love cloth diapers and that one of our favorites is an Applecheeks Cloth Diaper. Emily introduced me to Applecheeks with their two-size system as a great newborn cloth diaper solution. Let’s just say – I got hooked FAST! We have continued to use Applecheeks cand they graciously sent us a Size 2 diaper along with a 2-ply & 3-ply bamboo inserts!

Applecheeks Cloth Diapers are a an envelope pocket diaper that can be used as a pocket or as a cover! This makes them some of the most versatile diapers available. Additionally, they come in two sizes to cover you full from Newborn to Potty Training. Hannah easily fit into her Applecheeks diapers before she potty trained  at 2.5. (and still can fit into them if the need were to arise!) I started using the size 1 Applecheeks diapers on Teddy at 1 week old and he is now wearing the size 2 diaper at 22 months! Update: He still fits in the size 2 pockets at 36 months!

There are a few different features about the Applecheeks cloth diaper system than your other pocket diapers. If you prefer to stuff your pockets like I do, the pocket is quite large and because the opening is about ⅔ of the way down the diaper, it’s quicker and easier to stuff. Because of the wide opening – you can stuff a lot more in the pocket – such as multiple inserts for night time diapering. My other favorite feature of the pocket opening size & location is that it allows your inserts to agitate out in the wash – meaning you don’t have to touch the yucky and can just toss it in the wash!

Applecheeks has some amazing rayon from bamboo inserts to go with their pockets. They have a 2-ply insert which is great for newborns and daytime use. Then there is a 3-ply insert which is great for toddlers, heavier wetters, and naps! The 3-ply easily lasts during Teddy’s 2-3 hours of nap time. Additionally, you can pair BOTH inserts in the pocket for nighttime diapering! The rayon from bamboo inserts retain twice as much moisture as a cotton insert!

Applecheeks Cloth diaper review Image

One of the pretty & functional features of an Applecheeks cloth diaper are the ruffles on the edges! You may think why would you ruffle a diaper? Those ruffles give this diaper a great fit on ANY size baby leg from skinny to chunk! They are also spectacular at holding in poop. Applecheeks has elastic in the front as well to help reduce that ‘tummy’ leak from a tummy sleeper or a little boy who can go go go!

Applecheeks Cloth diaper review Image

Applecheeks cloth diapers come in solids and they have quite a few fun prints they have made over the last few years. So if you like either or both – there are choices for you! Applecheeks are our main diapering system and will continue to be as long as we have kids in diapers! 

Read more about our decision to cloth diaper here.

Tell me – have you tried Applecheeks? If so what is your favorite feature?

(note this review was written 1 year ago an published on Our Knight Life, but has been moved to here)

Pick Your Lillebaby Carrier Giveaway – USA & Canada through 11/20

If you have followed me for the last couple years, you know I am a HUGE fan of Lillebaby as my top pick for a baby carrier! They have such a great selection of high-quality carriers, from soft structured carriers for babies through toddler, ring slings and even a wrap! Additionally there are many beautiful color and print options for all of these! Don’t want to wait? Use any of the links in this post to purchase your own Lillebaby Carrier! (Affiliate links are used.)
Enter to win your choice of Lillebaby carrier below:

Pick your Lillebaby Giveaway

Lillebaby has many options for carriers that take you from newborn through toddler. The styles include the Complete 6-in-1, the Essentials 4-in-1, the Carry-On Toddler, Seat-Me Hip-Seat, Ring sling and Wrap.

Complete 6-in-1 Baby Carrier

  • See my full review of the Complete here.
  • Available in original, air flow, all seasons, organic, embossed and woven.
  • 6 ergonomic carry positions – wear an infant from 7 pounds up to 45 pound toddler, no infant insert needed!
  • Lumbar Support
  • Two-way Adjustable straps – much easier to adjust when front/back carry!
  • Neck Support – great for supporting babies heads and raises the panel height to better fit toddlers!
  • Zippered pocket for storing essentials
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps and waist belt

Lillebaby Complete All-Seasons

Essentials 4-in-1 Carrier

  • See my full review of the Essentials here.
  • Available in all-seasons and original.
  • 4 ergonomic carrying positions. Recommended for children 15-45lbs. Infant insert needed for 7-15lbs.
  • Perfect-fit Adjusters -give the perfect fit for the panel and strap adjustment.
  • Two-way adjustable straps
  • Zippered Pocket for storing essentails
  • Mesh panel (All-seasons only) to allow airflow for cooling baby

Lillebaby Essentials Carrier

Carry-On Toddler

  • All-seasons, air, and woven options
  • Fits children 20-60 lbs
  • 3 ergonomic carry positions. Front, hip and back.
  • Lumbar Support
  • Two- way adjustable straps
  • Extra tall panel
  • Zippered pocket for storing your mom essentials.
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps and waist belt.

Lillebaby Carry on Air

In addition to these,  Lillebaby offers a Seat-Me (Review here), Ring sling, and Tie-me-knot wrap.  All of these come in beautiful styles and colors like this Royal Teal Ring Sling.  Having a  Lillebaby carrier has made a huge difference in my life. Both for traveling and for daily errands.

Lillebaby Ring Sling Royal Teal

One lucky USA or Canadian person will win their choice of carrier! See all of the carriers available at Lillebaby and good luck!

Pick your Lillebaby Giveaway

Disclosure: Chances of winning are based on the number of entries received. This giveaway is in no way associated with, sponsored, administered, or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest or any other social media network. Open to USA & Canada, winners must be 18+, void where prohibited. Confirmed Winner(s) will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be drawn. No purchase necessary. Participating bloggers are not responsible prize fulfilment, or for lost or stolen prizes. The disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Event organized by Mama Banana’s Adventures, please direct questions about this promotion to MamaBananasAdventures@gmail.com.

LILLEbaby Essentials Review

Today I’m super excited about something NEW that is a combo of two of my FAVORITE things!!

LILLEbaby + chevron = NEW LILLEbaby Essentials carrier!

(Huge thanks to LILLEbaby for sending me the carrier early! & affiliate links are used.)

LILLEbaby Essentials Review - Front Carry - Running on Eagles Wings

The Essentials is a new 4-in-1 carrier for babies 7*-45 pounds! The best news is the retail price is $89.99! YES less than $100! It is made of cotton canvas and has some of the same great features of the COMPLETE but also some new features!! *NOTE infant insert required for 7-15 pounds &  available early 2016.

Similar to the COMPLETE, the Essentials has a solid waist band, large pocket, and 2-way adjustable straps. Features specific to the essentials include: A higher panel but no flip down neck support, Perfect Fit Adjusters, a mesh hood, and leg padding on the panel!


We absolutely LOVE this carrier. As a LILLEbaby ambassador we were selected to review the new Essentials carrier! It is quick and easy and I find that since the panel is slightly taller and wider than the COMPLETE it hugs my babies a little bit more. Both kids find it comfy. It does NOT come with a lumbar support – however I used this pretty easily for walks and store trips without it and didn’t have any issues. The lumbar support only helps so if you have one – use it!

I compared this with my Ergo and with the COMPLETE All Seasons. It definitely wins over the ergo. The panel is bigger and while the straps may be thinner, they are more supportive and the 2-way under arm adjustment makes it much easier to adjust. What was most shocking to me was the panel width! Teddy is not even fully knee-to-knee in the Ergo anymore at just 10 months old! It is not noticeably huge, but you can tell when wearing him. As for Hannah it was even worse! While she is 2, and it is not as important for her support, her legs definitely drooped more in the Ergo. Toddler wearing can be tricky as kids get taller and so the higher panel on the Essentials is fabulous! It comes to her upper back where Ergo on her is at her armpits- which leaves a lot of area for her to be able to lean back!

LILLEbaby Essentials vs. Ergobaby carrier

I tested out the front, back and hip carry of all 3 carriers for both of my kids!

Here is the fit comparison for Teddy. He is 10 months, 20.5 lbs, & 28” tall. I am 5’3” and wear a size 8/10.

LILLEbaby Essentials compared to Ergo and COMPLETE All Seasons for Infant

For Teddy we mostly still front carry, but I love the back carry in the Essentials! The panel makes me worry less about him and he can still get his arms out easily and look around in the Essentials.

Hannah  is 27 months, 26 pounds, and 33.5” tall and these are how she fit the front, back and hip carry in the Essentials, Ergo, and COMPLETE All Seasons.

LILLEbaby Essentials compared to Ergo and COMPLETE All Seasons for Toddler


We have mostly been a front carry family. However, the Essentials is fabulous for back carries. Its very comfy and the kids can both easily see out and are comfy and cozy.

Last but not least the Essentials comes with tons of #LILLEsleepydust and has proven super helpful for getting Teddy to sleep!

LILLEbaby Essentials #LILLEsleepydust


Get your Essentials HERE !

Check out all the other reviews of the Essentials by other LILLEbaby Ambassadors here:

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post. Also, I was sent this carrier free of charge in exchange for my review.

LILLEbaby COMPLETE All-Seasons Review

If you have been following me since Hannah was born you know that I am a big fan of baby wearing. One of the things I definitely wanted when she was born was a baby carrier! I used that carrier a LOT. Hannah was a late walker, and most of the time I was pregnant with Teddy I had to carry her!! She was and still is pretty hesitant about shopping carts.
Running On Eagles Wings - LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Review
As time went on I realized there were a lot more options for baby carriers out there! Before I had Teddy, Emily  suggested I try a LILLEbaby. She generously sent us a LILLEbaby to take with us last Christmas to Virginia to visit my family. Teddy was literally 3 weeks old. It was AMAZING. Here is one of the first times I had him in the carrier.
LILLEbaby Newborn Carry
We had gone to Target for a few items and had Teddy in the baby seat. I had Hannah in the carrier when I went into the store. At some point Teddy started flipping out. I switched the kids around and Teddy was back asleep in no time!
We tried out the old style All Seasons on our trip. It was great to keep the panel zipped up for the cold winter air. Upon returning to California, it was a bit warmer and it is so nice to have the option to unzip the panel which reveals a mesh center for more airflow to the baby.
Then I was asked to be a LILLEbaby Ambassador received the newer version of the All Seasons to try. The newer version has 2-way straps under the arms. It is shocking how much of a difference the 2-way straps make! So much easier to adjust! It still has all the other features as before: 6 carrying positions, Lumbar Support, Extendable Panel with the flip up neck support, and the wide straps and waist belt.
One of the most appealing features of the LILLEbaby is that you do not need an infant insert for newborns. If you have ever used an infant insert – you know how much of a pain it can be and how hot it can be. I know that more than once Hannah overheated in the insert we used. In the LILLEbaby, with an infant, you can use the wide seat with a blanket under their bottom to keep the legs in the natural frog-legged position OR you can use the narrow seat and their legs will be still seated ergonomically, but exposed. Teddy preferred the frog-leg position for a long time.  He is 3 months old here in the fetal position in the wide seat.
LILLEbaby All Seasons Wide Seat Infant
Eventually when he started wanting to push his legs out, we moved to the narrow seat. This was so handy!!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Narrow Seat
He was super comfy and loved the freedom of his legs being out!
When Teddy reached 6 months old he finally fit into the wide seat. To ‘fit’ the seat needs to fit baby knee to knee and their feet can swing freely!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Wide Seat
Let’s not forget about Hannah. She loves loves to be “UP”! At 2 and about 25 pounds, its not easy to carry her – LILLE to the rescue!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Hip Carry

Hannah is here in the Hip Carry. There are 6 total Carrying positions. The last one is the Back Carry. Pretty common and easily a favorite for when I need to “get stuff done”!

LILLEbaby All Seasons Back Carry

For the most part we stick to the face in and back carries. Occasionally we face out for fun activities like baking cookies or birthday parties!

LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Forward Face Toddler  LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Forward Face Infant

One of the advantages to the LILLEbaby arm straps is that you can switch them up so instead of back pack straps, you can cross the straps to make an X. This distributes the weight more on your back and not as much on your shoulders. It is our preferred carry for any long term wearing.
LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Crossed Straps, X straps
One of the other features that I love about the LILLEbaby is the flip up neck support. It is very helpful for toddlers who are taller to keep them from straining back too far, but for smaller babies it is great for sleep! It helps block out light and distractions. The other main thing that this neck support allows – NURSING! I have never before been a huge nurse-on-the-go person, but with the neck support and the wider shoulder straps – I can nurse and no one is the wiser!!
Here is a photo of me nursing at a church event!!
LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Nursing
I have nursed in the grocery store, on walks, at restaurants, at the zoo, and yes at church! It makes life with a nursing infant SO much easier.
If you would like to check one out go HERE!
We hope you can find the #LILLElove as well!
Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post. Also, I was sent this carrier free of charge in exchange for my review. 


2Toms Sports Detergent

Back in December at the 5K I ran, Kerrie gave me a couple samples of the 2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent. She blogs for 2Toms here.  If you want some good reading, head over there and read some!

Onto sports detergent.  If running doesn’t make you stink enough, try running in the rain all the time in a damp climate!  I’m not quite sure my clothes are always fully dry before I dump them in the bin to wash.  I don’t have time to wash them more than once a week usually.  Lately, in my bag and even running, I have been noticing the smell.  Even with my other sport detergent(and some white vinegar) I was using, it wasn’t working.

I started with a full load of clothes.

This was maybe after they were wet and washed! The basket was full dry!

Here is the package of the detergent:

This package says for 2 wash loads or 1 large load.  I used the full packet for my large load. Well most of it – I may have spilled a bit trying to open it.  The detergent had a bit of a light smell.  Not sure if its flowery or what- it wasn’t bad.  It did make me nervous as I have pretty sensitive skin and am a stickler about using the free detergents. After the wash, it still had a light scent to it.  I hang my clothes, so they hung dry. I couldn’t really smell the detergent as they were hanging there.

After they were dry I grabbed them for my run.  I could still smell the detergent very faintly, but as I ran, I couldn’t smell it at all! I didn’t get any itchiness or anything from the detergent which was a big relief! Also, the stink that I had been feeling was hanging onto my running clothes seemed to be gone after my run!  The detergent definitely helped!  I know that using it more often will probably help keep it at bay too.. well along with washing my running clothes more…

If you are fighting ‘the stink’ with your running clothes give this detergent a chance! I am definitely going to be getting a full bottle soon!

*I was not paid for this review – I was given the product by a friend and reviewed because I liked it! 
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