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Fit Friday Workout + Happy Mail

Happy Friday! We made it through another week!

Sexy Arms 15 min Workout Metabolic Effect. Running On Eagles Wings

If you follow my Instagram I decided to change up my routine this week. I headed to the gym 3 days (normally 2)! I did Legs and HIIT cardio on Tuesday,  Wednesday I did spin (!!) and Thursday I did back and some cardio. I felt good although a little tired!! I didn’t do well eating enough after the spin since it was much more of a workout!

Spin: I haven’t been a huge proponent of long duration cardio in a few years. I don’t think its something you should everyday, but one a week I think its a fabulous way to get a little extra push into your workouts. The longer duration can help with endurance and the extra burn. I’m hoping to add this once a week to my workouts! (*my opinions here!)

Secondly its been a happy Mail week! We got some presents for Teddy’s birthday next week!! And this package of amazing-ness!

Happy Mail - Lulujo, skip hop, clifbar, applecheeks

I bought the Applecheeks Diapers with my friend Emily and when she sent them to me she sent all these extras!! The Kids LOVE the lunch box, and the books! I love the lulujo blankets and can’t wait to use them!! This is pretty epic – but if you have a good friend that you talk to regularly – go buy them something small this weekend and MAIL it to them! old school style! Make someone smile!

Have a great weekend!

Fit Friday Workout & Cooler Temps

It has FINALLY cooled down in southern California! The daytime temps are getting into the 70s but the nights are cool and into the 50s!! We actually have to close the windows! Mornings and evenings require long sleeves and I had to go buy socks for my kid. He literally had NO socks that fit because that is how long it has been since I have attempted to put socks on him. Oops.

While the weather has been fantastic this week – I have not felt 100%. While its hard to know sometimes when you feel tired if exercise will help or hurt, you never know until you try. So we loaded up on our usual days and headed to the gym. I didn’t overly push it, but still got a solid workout in! I decided to put together the workout to share because while simple, it was definitely effective!! I did this at the gym on machine and with free weights. You can do it at home or at the gym! up to you!

Fit Friday Upper Body Workout Home or Gym


I also did legs this week one day. Yesterday in fact- and today I tried to bend down and that did not feel good!! Hopefully we can get some walking in today and work out the soreness!

How was your week? Get any fun workouts in?

Tuesday Workout – Quick Heavy Legs


After a round of being super sick and a muscle injury (in my neck which is still ongoing) I’ve decided I can finally get back to the gym with some legs and cardio.

I absolutely love working legs since they are the largest muscles in the body! They will burn more calories and allow me to get through my day!

So here was today’s Quick Heavy Leg workout:

Running On Eagles Wings" Quick Heavy Legs Workout" "Metabolic Effect"


I used the Leg pretty and I think It was 205 pounds. It wasn’t too heavy but it wasn’t super easy. I struggled to get to 10 reps every time. The walking lunges took awhile because I kept getting interrupted! People liked my shirt today.. So completely random! Then some squat jumps to keep the heart rate up! I love sprints and they are a fabulous way to end any workout.  I did my sprints on the elliptical today – but optimal is running! I just can’t run due to my neck issue…
So here is my post workout selfie:

Running On Eagles Wings "Quick Heavy Legs workout" Selfie

I finished up with some stretching and foam rolling! Then it was off for a busy busy day!

Did you workout today?

Fit Friday + Workout!

Friday!! Why is it that always on a holiday week or long weekend the next week is just CRAZY. Anyways..

This week was hard. Last weekend Teddy got sick and was sick ALL weekend with a non stop fever. We headed to the doctor first thing Tuesday and got medicine for his ear infection. His fever finally broke Tuesday evening. So that was a lot of cuddles and not a lot of sleep. Then this week has been insanely hot here in Southern California. Over 85 degrees and very little breeze. We have no AC because we live close to the coast. Well technically we have an AC unit in the kids room, but it has a hard time keeping up even. So its been swealtering out here!! With that I haven’t been able to go to the gym (sick kid) and its too hot to do anything at home!

Today I finally made it to the gym for this KILLER legs workout!

Killer Legs Home or Gym Workout

It was hard! I was dripping sweat.

Killer Legs workout complete!

Hopefully next week as it cools down I can do a little more.

As for food.. Well Sadly since its been so hot we have not eaten as well as we had planned. But I’m already working on next week since it is suppose to cool down and have some food prep planned for this weekend!

Any fun weekend plans?

September Goals + Workout

September! The end of summer and the start of fall and hopefully cooler weather!

After just coming off the August #20x20Challenge and having fun and progress I want to keep up my workouts and try to take the next step.

So here are my September Goals:

  • Complete 16 workouts. Its not 20 but 20 really takes a lot more work and we have a few things starting back up and will make it a little more difficult.  If things work well and I hit 20 then all the better!
  • Better Nutrition. I want to have better planned meals and less eating out. I also need to focus on better lunches as it is my biggest downfall. I would love to see the scale go down but if that doesn’t happen I do want my clothes to be looser!
  • More walking. Walking is so good and I’ve been enjoying some afternoon walks but my real goal is family walks after dinner!
  • Workouts for you!! My goal is to share some of my at home and even at the gym workouts with you!

With all that said I’ll be keeping updates on workouts and nutrition and yummy recipes so stay tuned! I do have today’s workout right here! It was pretty tough and I was sweating!

20 minute full body workout at home!

Remember these workouts are Metabolic Effect style. 20 minutes. PUSH don’t pace. Rest when you need to.

Leave a comment when you complete the workout!

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