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JillFit #20x20challenge Recap

JillFIt #20x20Challenge Recap  -Running On Eagles Wings


You guys. This was HUGE. I started off NOT thinking I could hit 20 workouts. I get to go to the gym 2 times a week. This challenge required 5 workouts a week. That meant I had to do 3 AT HOME. I HATE working out at home. Its hot, my kids are running around, and I have plenty of ‘other’ things to do.

So this month I told myself. It’s ONLY 20 minutes. Go sit down and see how long you spend on Facebook the next time you open it for a ‘quick’ check. I bet you its at least 20 minutes! That short time can be used to accomplish a sweat successful workout! I hauled my bike trainer out of the garage and cleaned it up and my bike. I bribed my child to sit while I worked out. I made trips to the gym for awesome ME time. I Planned. I worked hard. I sweated.

Here is a recap of my 20 days of workouts:

Day 1-5 I recapped Here.

Day 6:  HIIT on the bike (progressive intervals)
Day 7: Upper Body/ Plyo
Day 8: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 9: Upper Body workout
Day 10: 20 min Full Body
Day 11: Closet Plyos
Day 12: HIIT on the bike (progressive intervals)
Day 13: Back & Biceps
Day 14: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 15: 5×4 Full Body at home
Day 16: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Day 17: Closet Plyos
Day 18: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 19: Back & Biceps
Day 20: Delt Domination + 5 min plyos

Not all of these workouts were from the official Program. I added in a few of my own that fit my schedule.

Did I lose weight: no. According to the scale my weight is UP.

Did I lose inches: I believe so. Some of my pants & shorts are not as tight.

Muscle Definition: better! I really feel like I can see more definition in my legs and arms!

Up Next:
I have some fitness goals for September and will be sharing some workouts for home & the gym! So check back tomorrow for the first one!

I also want to focus more on nutrition. The only thing I was consistent about was getting my protein in after a workout. My nutrition wasn’t terrible but it was definitely Sub-Par. I know that nutrition is probably 80% of the deal BUT I wanted to focus on one thing at a time. Now that I know I CAN do these workouts, I can focus on the next step.

Did you participate in the #20x20Challenge with JillFit? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! 

JillFit 20×20 August Challenge

If you have been following me awhile, you know I have been an avid fan of Jill Coleman for quite awhile. I joined her JillFit Lifestylers group before I got pregnant with Hannah. I learned so much about metabolic effect, High intensity training, and just weight lifting in general. It really gave me the added UMPH I needed to top off my running. Since then I’ve stayed in touch with Jill and some of the coaches through other similar programs such as Momsanity.

A couple weeks ago, I saw the email Jill sent out about her August 20×20 challenge. Basically she was offering a free month of workouts for anyone who wants to join in. You have to do 20 – 20 minute workouts in the month of August and at least 12 of them have to be using weights. (You can’t do all cardio HIIT!) My friend B said she was going to sign up and encouraged me to do so. It averages out to needing to workout 5 days a week for the month! That is a lot and more than I have done in a couple years!! However, I figured I could give it my best shot and see! There are prizes if you participate and post on Instagram.

I have been continuing to do 20 minute workouts since getting back after Teddy was born. Who has time for an hour of weight lifting?! Not me. One of the things I am excited for with this challenge was a few new workouts. I have been doing pretty similar workouts the last few months and was in desperate need of mixing it up more! Another thing I am hoping for is just more of a burn overall and some better muscle development from working out more! I am not going to the gym 5 days a week! Let me assure you! I am trying to go about 3 and do 2 workouts from home.

I’ll Recap from the start to now!

JillFit 20x20 Challenge 2015 Day 1

Day 1: I started off with the Upper Body workout at the gym. I don’t have enough weights or equipment to do this at home. It was good! I was not super sore, so likely I needed to use heavier weights.

JillFit 20x20 Challenge 2015 Day 2

Day 2: At Home I was able to do the 5×4 full body workout. I did it during nap time or supposed naptime – both kids pretty much screamed the whole workouts! However I wanted to get it done. 20 minutes is NOT long in the grand scheme of things!

JillFit 20x20 Challenge 2015 Day 3

Day 3: I hit the gym again for the squat/lunge madness workout. Let me tell you – that is Madness for sure!! However I seriously love these type of workouts. They really push you! I was quite sore afterwards, but keeping moving definitely helped! (Chasing 2 kids you don’t have time to just sit!!)

JillFit 20x20 Challenge 2015 Day 1

Day 4: I hit the gym for a repeat of the Upper Body workouts. This time I tried to go a little heavier and also recorded the weight I was using so I can try to improve on it!

JillFit 20x20 Challenge 2015 Day 5

Day 5 (Yesterday) : I did the 5×4 full body workout at home again. It is not easy! Whew! I feel stronger

Here is my plan for workouts this week!

Tuesday: HIIT intervals on the Bike trainer

Wednesday: Upper Body & plyometrics at home

Thursday: Squat/lunge madness at the gym

Friday: HIIT intervals on the bike trainer (or rest)

Saturday: Upper Body weights at the gym

Are you participating in the challenge? Do you like it?

Throw Down Thursday: 8 is Great

This week I had some time (hello Vacation!!) and was forced decided to Participate in Carissa’s Fit2Flex #ThrowDownThursday

I have done this a few weeks pior and it is definitely fun! although quite hard!!

As Carissa is training for a half marathon and trying to PR she created quite the evil fun workout this week. Speedwork is HARD. However it is good for you – like all that spinach you are supposed to eat! So here is this week’s workout:

Source: fit2flex.com via Karla on Pinterest


Alright So… I normally do my speedwork on the track. But I am currently in DC visiting my sister.. So I had to just wing it. Rock creek park was supposedly about a mile away so I headed out to find it and then hope the trail there was decent for the intervals..

The journey there was a bit confusing but thankfully a nice biker helped me!

WarmUp: 1.36 mi – 15:35 time (some stoplights & streets..)

800 #1: 4:34 -9:24 mi avg pace! Exciting!!

Rest – I did the squats & push-ups. Hard stuff! 2:54 rest time

800 #2: only made it 0.38 mi in 3:36 at 9:22 pace. Got a side crap and just didn’t want to continue. Yeah I wimped.

Rest  – I did the squats & push-ups again. wow. 1:46 time rest (didn’t time the squats & push-ups)

400 #1: 2:09 8:25 pace – pretty quick! was a bit downhill.

Rest: walking .015 mi in 2:33

The run in the park was awesome! This is one of the reasons I LOVE Virginia in the fall!


800 #3: 4:42 9:21 pace pretty consistent!

Rest: 2 min walk. Was ready to be done!

400 #2: 2:20 9:40 pace -definitely feeling fatigued!!

Cooldown: 1.12 mi in 17 mins.

BOY. this was hard. My running mileage has not been super high so I struggled for a bit. However I finished as strong as I could. I did feel well when I finished.

I got a smoothie on my way back to the house so the cool down was long and slow. Here’s my summary pic:



My legs were definitely sore today. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow as well!

Thanks Carissa for a great workout!

Rainy Saturday Workout

Yesterday the rain started. Our 80 days of no rain summer has come to a quick end. 🙁 Although I am glad to see the rain. It has been WAY too dry here! So now its about 55/60 degrees and raining!

Last night we hung out with some friends and got home pretty late. I slept in and needed the rest after a long week on the road.. (sorry for being MIA)

But I eventually got myself up and headed to the gym. On tap: a Shoulders & Stairs workout.

Some awesome shoulder lifting and then running the stairs. However the gym was king of crowded, so I subbed burpees for running up stairs. Yes I did.



Before weights and after.

Today I finally got up the nerve to wear my Zensah Tank & Running bra.
I got these a few months ago when I went to a Zensah tweet up in Seattle. I have to say my first wear is LOVE. Seriously beyond comfortable! The tank and bra never moved. I had full range of motion and didn’t worry about anything! Plus the bright pink is really fun!!

Next – yes the gym wasn’t my only stop – I headed to the track!!

The goal was 6x200m with 200 in between.  I did about a lap warm up but was still warm from the gym. Then hit the sprints as hard as I could:

1- 0:56






Seriously! I am sooo excited!! Remember about a month ago when I did about the same workout?!  I took 3-4 seconds off my time!


Oh I guess I should mention it was RAINING while I did my sprints! ha. It felt awesome to be out there working out so hard and No I did not get cold. It was about 55 degrees and when you run thats toasty!

The rest of the day has been working playing online and watching football!



Have a great Saturday and stay warm!!



Throw Down Thursday: Tabata

Today’s workout with Fit2Flex was torture Tabata. I I’ve heard of Tabata recently but was not quite sure of the details. Let me fill you in!
Tabata is a type of high-intensity training that can be completed in 4 minutes. Yes FOUR. It is an alternative that can be done to the hours of cardio you might think you need to do on the elliptical.

Now onto the workout:


Boy this may seem easy but trust me it is not! I started out on the treadmill with a brisk 10 minute incline walk to warm up. And wake up!
First up was the ball squats. Boy they were not easy after 4 rounds! These felt good. My legs were still a bit sore from Monday’s workout and I could feel it for sure.
Next was jump rope. I didn’t take my rope to the gym so I pretended. Jump rope is not for wimps!
Third were plank push ups. These were the hardest! I had to finish the last two rounds from my knees! My shoulders definitely feel these!
Fourth were the lunge … These are not bad but you will get out of breath in just 20s! It was clear to me in these that my right leg was easier than my left. Haha. Maybe that’s why all my running injuries have been left side??

Lastly just for kicks I added in 4 20s rounds of Burpees. Those are no joke either. I was running short on time and so I did 4 instead of 8. It was plenty though!

No puking this week but definitely feeling good!
How did you get your sweat on today?
I challenge YOU to #ThrowDownThursday

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