Awhile back one of my friends posted a picture of a crochet blanket on Facebook asking if anyone knew how to make it. It was a grey and white chevron (zigzag) blanket. I just commented that I knew how to make one. I made one a long time ago, but I knew I had the pattern somewhere. So a few days go by and she messages me that the person she had originally been working with to do it wanted HER to buy all the yarn, find the pattern etc. She had NO clue. She then asked if I wouldn’t mind just doing it all. She would pay me etc. I said sure. Hmm..

So I bought my yarn and found the Pattern (here).

It didn’t seem too bad at first. Here is a close up of the beginning.


It looked pretty good. I was pretty excited.

Until I calculated how many rows I needed to do and how big the blanket needed to be. This is all single crochet. It took me a long time. There was a lot of TV watching involved and quite a few late nights. However, I do not mind because the end result was amazing.



That is my crib and ironically matching pattern. I just might have to make one for myself!

The girl loved the blanket and I finished it just as the baby was born so she was able to use it for her newborn pictures!

I used Bernat softee baby yarn in white and flannel. It took about 1.5 skein of each color.


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