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Fit Friday + Workout!

Friday!! Why is it that always on a holiday week or long weekend the next week is just CRAZY. Anyways..

This week was hard. Last weekend Teddy got sick and was sick ALL weekend with a non stop fever. We headed to the doctor first thing Tuesday and got medicine for his ear infection. His fever finally broke Tuesday evening. So that was a lot of cuddles and not a lot of sleep. Then this week has been insanely hot here in Southern California. Over 85 degrees and very little breeze. We have no AC because we live close to the coast. Well technically we have an AC unit in the kids room, but it has a hard time keeping up even. So its been swealtering out here!! With that I haven’t been able to go to the gym (sick kid) and its too hot to do anything at home!

Today I finally made it to the gym for this KILLER legs workout!

Killer Legs Home or Gym Workout

It was hard! I was dripping sweat.

Killer Legs workout complete!

Hopefully next week as it cools down I can do a little more.

As for food.. Well Sadly since its been so hot we have not eaten as well as we had planned. But I’m already working on next week since it is suppose to cool down and have some food prep planned for this weekend!

Any fun weekend plans?

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  1. Rachee

    I’ve got to work all weekend (boo!) but appreciate you sharing your leg routine. I have been looking to add something else to work them and this helps.

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