We eat a lot of Mexican food. It is easy to cook and fast and yummy! Tacos and enchiladas are our staples. Last week I made my fancy chicken tacos and bought our favorite tortillas at the store. Our favorites are La Tortilla Factory Handmade Style corn tortillas. They are super yummy but a bit pricey. After the first night (oh yeah we eat them for a week it makes so much!!), hubby suggested we try to make our own. So I started looking on Pinterest.. I found this great tutorial from Naturally Ella! It looked easy!

I hit the store to buy some Maseca, which is corn flour. I don’t have a tortilla press but the comments say a pie plate or rolling pin work fine!

I followed the recipe on the back of the bag:

2 c Masa

1 1/3 c water

1/4 tsp salt

Dissolve the salt into water and then add to the flour and mix.

Then you use golf-ball or ping-pong ball size balls of dough to made the tortillas. Flatten them out then cook in a medium high heat pan 60s each side.

Keep warm in a damp towel.

Well I don’t have a press. I might get one if this becomes a regular thing.. Something like this: Cast Iron Tortilla Press. ¬†Instead I used a pie plate to press them then a rolling pin to thin them out a bit.



This worked great to get them even and round. Just not super thin.

First time I cooked them one at a time in my skillet…



Rightttt… It took For.ev.ER. I think because they are thicker it took a bit longer to cook. The second time I used my electric skillet. Use one or a large griddle. trust me.

However they turned out fabulously!



The tortillas in action:



Seriously. This is easy. You will not want to buy tortillas ever again!!

Have you ever made your own tortillas?

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