JillFIt #20x20Challenge Recap  -Running On Eagles Wings


You guys. This was HUGE. I started off NOT thinking I could hit 20 workouts. I get to go to the gym 2 times a week. This challenge required 5 workouts a week. That meant I had to do 3 AT HOME. I HATE working out at home. Its hot, my kids are running around, and I have plenty of ‘other’ things to do.

So this month I told myself. It’s ONLY 20 minutes. Go sit down and see how long you spend on Facebook the next time you open it for a ‘quick’ check. I bet you its at least 20 minutes! That short time can be used to accomplish a sweat successful workout! I hauled my bike trainer out of the garage and cleaned it up and my bike. I bribed my child to sit while I worked out. I made trips to the gym for awesome ME time. I Planned. I worked hard. I sweated.

Here is a recap of my 20 days of workouts:

Day 1-5 I recapped Here.

Day 6:  HIIT on the bike (progressive intervals)
Day 7: Upper Body/ Plyo
Day 8: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 9: Upper Body workout
Day 10: 20 min Full Body
Day 11: Closet Plyos
Day 12: HIIT on the bike (progressive intervals)
Day 13: Back & Biceps
Day 14: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 15: 5×4 Full Body at home
Day 16: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Day 17: Closet Plyos
Day 18: Squat Lunge Madness
Day 19: Back & Biceps
Day 20: Delt Domination + 5 min plyos

Not all of these workouts were from the official Program. I added in a few of my own that fit my schedule.

Did I lose weight: no. According to the scale my weight is UP.

Did I lose inches: I believe so. Some of my pants & shorts are not as tight.

Muscle Definition: better! I really feel like I can see more definition in my legs and arms!

Up Next:
I have some fitness goals for September and will be sharing some workouts for home & the gym! So check back tomorrow for the first one!

I also want to focus more on nutrition. The only thing I was consistent about was getting my protein in after a workout. My nutrition wasn’t terrible but it was definitely Sub-Par. I know that nutrition is probably 80% of the deal BUT I wanted to focus on one thing at a time. Now that I know I CAN do these workouts, I can focus on the next step.

Did you participate in the #20x20Challenge with JillFit? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! 

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