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LILLEbaby COMPLETE All-Seasons Review

If you have been following me since Hannah was born you know that I am a big fan of baby wearing. One of the things I definitely wanted when she was born was a baby carrier! I used that carrier a LOT. Hannah was a late walker, and most of the time I was pregnant with Teddy I had to carry her!! She was and still is pretty hesitant about shopping carts.
Running On Eagles Wings - LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Review
As time went on I realized there were a lot more options for baby carriers out there! Before I had Teddy, Emily  suggested I try a LILLEbaby. She generously sent us a LILLEbaby to take with us last Christmas to Virginia to visit my family. Teddy was literally 3 weeks old. It was AMAZING. Here is one of the first times I had him in the carrier.
LILLEbaby Newborn Carry
We had gone to Target for a few items and had Teddy in the baby seat. I had Hannah in the carrier when I went into the store. At some point Teddy started flipping out. I switched the kids around and Teddy was back asleep in no time!
We tried out the old style All Seasons on our trip. It was great to keep the panel zipped up for the cold winter air. Upon returning to California, it was a bit warmer and it is so nice to have the option to unzip the panel which reveals a mesh center for more airflow to the baby.
Then I was asked to be a LILLEbaby Ambassador received the newer version of the All Seasons to try. The newer version has 2-way straps under the arms. It is shocking how much of a difference the 2-way straps make! So much easier to adjust! It still has all the other features as before: 6 carrying positions, Lumbar Support, Extendable Panel with the flip up neck support, and the wide straps and waist belt.
One of the most appealing features of the LILLEbaby is that you do not need an infant insert for newborns. If you have ever used an infant insert – you know how much of a pain it can be and how hot it can be. I know that more than once Hannah overheated in the insert we used. In the LILLEbaby, with an infant, you can use the wide seat with a blanket under their bottom to keep the legs in the natural frog-legged position OR you can use the narrow seat and their legs will be still seated ergonomically, but exposed. Teddy preferred the frog-leg position for a long time.  He is 3 months old here in the fetal position in the wide seat.
LILLEbaby All Seasons Wide Seat Infant
Eventually when he started wanting to push his legs out, we moved to the narrow seat. This was so handy!!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Narrow Seat
He was super comfy and loved the freedom of his legs being out!
When Teddy reached 6 months old he finally fit into the wide seat. To ‘fit’ the seat needs to fit baby knee to knee and their feet can swing freely!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Wide Seat
Let’s not forget about Hannah. She loves loves to be “UP”! At 2 and about 25 pounds, its not easy to carry her – LILLE to the rescue!
LILLEbaby All Seasons Hip Carry

Hannah is here in the Hip Carry. There are 6 total Carrying positions. The last one is the Back Carry. Pretty common and easily a favorite for when I need to “get stuff done”!

LILLEbaby All Seasons Back Carry

For the most part we stick to the face in and back carries. Occasionally we face out for fun activities like baking cookies or birthday parties!

LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Forward Face Toddler  LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Forward Face Infant

One of the advantages to the LILLEbaby arm straps is that you can switch them up so instead of back pack straps, you can cross the straps to make an X. This distributes the weight more on your back and not as much on your shoulders. It is our preferred carry for any long term wearing.
LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Crossed Straps, X straps
One of the other features that I love about the LILLEbaby is the flip up neck support. It is very helpful for toddlers who are taller to keep them from straining back too far, but for smaller babies it is great for sleep! It helps block out light and distractions. The other main thing that this neck support allows – NURSING! I have never before been a huge nurse-on-the-go person, but with the neck support and the wider shoulder straps – I can nurse and no one is the wiser!!
Here is a photo of me nursing at a church event!!
LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons Nursing
I have nursed in the grocery store, on walks, at restaurants, at the zoo, and yes at church! It makes life with a nursing infant SO much easier.
If you would like to check one out go HERE!
We hope you can find the #LILLElove as well!
Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post. Also, I was sent this carrier free of charge in exchange for my review. 


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  1. Emily

    So many awesome baby and toddler wearing pictures! It really is such a versicle carrier! Glad you love it!