Last week was 16! It is crazy how it is already 4 months!

I’ll Update the usual questions:

Nausea: for the most part this is mostly gone. I have still had a couple of days where it appears – especially in the afternoon/evenings. Overall though I definitely do not have as much of this!

Food: I am still having some issues with food. It is hard to eat a lot of things – especially chicken! Veggies are not easy either unfortunately. I have been trying to stick to pretty simple bland foods and that has helped.

Energy: This is a hard one. it has come back I would say to some extent but not entirely! I have been going to the gym more and even ran this past week! However when I have a full day, I am pretty much asleep by 8:30 pm.  That is without a nap, as its not really possible at work! I can make it through the days better, but pretty much crash by the time I get home. I do feel a lot better when I workout!

A little break for my 15 week picture:



Fitness: As you can see I have been at the gym! If you follow my instagram or twitter It has gotten more frequent! The past two weeks I have worked out 4x (I think!) each week!  A few mornings at the gym and an evening of running! I am doing weight lifting and light-medium cardio in the morning and hoping to get back to my run group at least 1 night per week!

Weight: I don’t know! I don’t use my scale at home and I am not worried about it right now. I do have to say thought that my jeans have been feeling baggy (in the legs) not the waist obviously!

And the 16 weeks picture:


The bump is growing! I feel like its gotten a bit bigger even just this last week! It hard because depending on what I wear I can look pregnant or just chubby!

So far things are going well though! Just chugging along! Keeping it healthy and real!

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