Another couple of weeks have passed and I would have never thought time could fly by so fast! I know it will be even faster after baby girl is born!

Things have been pretty busy but are actually settling down a bit more recently. So that is a plus!

Currently I am 27 Weeks:


Yeahh i definitely look at lot more prego these days! It has kind of happened all of a sudden! But its fun! I don’t feel crazy big!

I think the pelvic tilting also makes me look at lot bigger. I know if I’m standing a lot I can really feel it.

I only have this one picture from week 26:



I headed to the running store for a walk while a lot of people went running. I can still see my feet!!!

I have not been very good about working out the last couple weeks – I have been quite tired from just life in general I guess.  Saturday I headed to the gym and did some weights and elliptical.  Cardio is always more fun when there are fun things to watch!  Like watching Serena and Maria play!



I am still doing OK with my workout clothes. I definitely got a few looks though when I was doing my weights!!

This weekend was beautiful so we headed out to the beach for a nice walk. It was pretty slow, but the weather was nice and the people watching was hilarious!!!



I must credit the hubs for this awesome picture! Yes somehow we actually live here and it does really look like that! We were realizing that this last week was the anniversary of us totally moving here 4 years ago! Man time flies!

The general questions:

Food: I am doing alright. I have been still watching what I eat for the most part and I take my lunch to work, so that really helps. The last few days I have had some sweets cravings.. Lets not discuss my baking at the moment.. But otherwise, its going OK. I am just typically tired and so cooking is not as easy!

Energy: To be honest the last week or so has been hard. I haven’t been staying up late, but getting up to go to the gym didn’t happen at ALL last week. It kind of made me sad, but I really needed the rest I suppose. When I did go on Saturday, I felt fine. Just have to make sure I’m heading to bed with plenty of time to sleep! Sleeping is still going alright – have woken up a few times with some crazy hip pain..

Movement: This little one is getting bigger! She definitely makes herself known in good and bad ways! She has gotten a bit lower recently on occasion and really putting some lower pressure on which is not exactly fun! But she also has gotten into routines of moving after I eat quite a bit. She’s getting big enough now that you can sometimes see from the outside her moving!

Swelling: I have not had much swelling still. Only occasionally on my hands when I am walking or doing activities.  And sometimes in the mornings if I have not had enough water. I have been pretty good lately about getting at least 3L of water a day. I think it seriously helps!

Scary fact: I have one more week in my second trimester! what the what?!

Countdown: 14 weeks!!

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