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Seattle Seafair Weekend 2012

This weekend was know as “Seafair” weekend. Yes. boats + planes. Hydro boat racing on Lake Washington, extra boats in port to visit, and then air shows including the Blue Angels! And it was a PERFECT weekend for all of this!! It was Sunny and at least 90 degrees all weekend!


Hubs and I slept in a bit and then headed downtown. Due to expected traffic, we took the light rail. Good in that there is no traffic, bad in that it takes like twice as long to get downtown! We headed to our favorite bagel place and then I grabbed some coffee at Tullys. Then we headed to our main destination: USS Halsey!


It is a destroyer (yeah think like battleship game destroyer) and has been in service since 2005.  We had to wait in line probably over an hour to get taken in with a 20 person tour group. Then tours on the boat were supposed to be 25 mins, however it took a lot longer than that! Lots of people there! A few pictures:




Then we headed back home and grabbed some lunch and went to our friends house. They have a pool!

Blue Sky and sun!!


I spent sometime in the pool and got quite the workout in! The kids love to get a ‘current’ going and then we switch the direction on them a couple times! It was basically pool running and some swimming. Post swim chilling with my book:

Got the hair done up! I got some sun on the chest from earlier in the day downtown but liberally applied sunscreen for my pool shenanigans!


After dinner, it finally started to cool down, so we lit up a fire and enjoyed some smore’s:


I had regular marshmallows and then some cinnamon roll marshmallows.  Warning: the cinnamon ones are SUPER sweet. Stomach hurt upon waking Sunday!

It was a late night. But I set the alarm for 3 am. Yep. You read that correct.  Women’s Olympic marathon. Watching to root on Kara & Shalane. However NBC had so many stinking commercials I kept falling asleep!! #NBCfail if you follow on twitter. They are not doing well with this Olympic coverage. However I was awake until they got to like mile 19 and then apparently crashed. I woke up at 5:29 and it was pretty much over (well the leaders had finished). I saw that neither of the girls won and went back to bed. Both girls ran their hearts out. Very proud!!


Pretty lazy, normal Sunday.  However in the middle was a baby shower.  I finished up the sewing on my present:


But I didn’t get anything else finished, so I had to take it to the shower unfinished. Oh well.  It was a huge hit anyways! The dinos were a great choice!! However I do not understand why baby showers have to be like forever long?! It was over 2 hours!! Sorry that’s a bit crazy to me!!

Thanks to the heat I had a light lunch:


Mixed Berry smoothie with some protein powder. it was great! Very filling actually!

Here is proof of the weather this weekend:

If you read closely you can see that it was still 90 at 5 PM. Yeah. and it was 90 by 11 am. Rough day here because no one has AC. You either hide inside with a fan or sit in a pool somewhere!


And last of all, I’ll leave you with a beautiful sunset:

 How was your weekend? Hopefully it was spectacular and relaxing!

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  1. Emily

    That smoothie looks great and I had no idea that you could sew!! I want to learn!

  2. Paulette

    Love the hair do and the cute sunglasses!

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