A little over a week ago, I turned 30! Yep on the 18th! I didn’t make a big deal. I am not really sure how I feel about it and wasn’t entirely sure how to celebrate either!

We thought about going out of town to a local-ish resort, but man the prices were OUTrageous! Seriously like 400+/night. Uhh no thanks. Soo.. we stayed in and found some fun stuff to do here in town!

The day started with Breakfast. We have a favorite breakfast joint near our house but I was looking for something downtown. Thanks to some awesome twitter suggestions we hit up Portage Bay Cafe. I am not sure how I have lived her for 4 years and not heard of this place or been there! It was ridiculous. We ended up getting there a bit early and didn’t have much of a wait. As this was my birthday, healthy was not a consideration. Yumminess was the only factor! I am a die-hard pancake and french toast lover. I ended up going for the french toast. The regular ‘plain’ version. Which is no means plain! ha! It came out like this:


Then… they have a topping bar! Um yeah.. all kinds of goodies to top your french toast with. I came back with this:


Now I have to say 1. I totally forgot to get whipped cream because someone was standing by it and 2. I almost forgot syrup! that would have been a tragedy. My only suggestion for improvement would be having some chocolate chips. Yeah I’m serious. If you have never tried it – do. you will relive being 6 again!

Hubs got a really good omelet of some sort.

Then we were heading to Pike place market and we made a stop! We hit up Top Pot! We had no plans for birthday cake, so hubs thought Donuts would be just as good! We got a dozen yummies and a little treat for baby girl! How awesome is this:


Then we headed over to Pike Place to wander around a bit and get some flowers! We walked through the market, picked up some flowers and then I got to stop at Beechers and get some cheese!! Yum! I ended up getting the regular and some smoked cheese! Their cheese is like crack. Its SO yummy! Here am I with my flowers at the market! (ps – the flowers are so cheap! $10 for those puppies and they lasted a full week!)


Then we headed back home and chilled. I got to play with my new toys!! Since we didn’t end up going anywhere for my birthday, hubs got me a new Kindle. Yes I had one, but he got me the kindle paperwhite.  It has a front-lit screen so you can read in the dark!! He got it knowing I love to read and will be having some late nights up with the baby. Its small enough to hold in one hand! Here is a little collection of the birthday goodness:



Then my Mom got me a fun charm bracelet with a few charms! I love it!!  I can’t wait to add to it!


In the evening we headed over to our friends house. We took the cheese and picked up some salami and crackers to share. Always a big hit! After that we hung out before eating our birthday donuts!

And this is how my diet coke was brought to me.. Yes in a brown bag.. haha!


Then our dear friend who has a crazy imagination decided to get my donut and instead of putting a candle IN it, he shoved who knows how many birthday candles in a regular candle holder and lit them. It looked a bit crazy!!!


There is no better way to spend your day than with family and best friends! It was a fabulous birthday even though it was pretty low-key!