I have been sewing quite a bit lately! It is a good activity and I can still sit long enough to do it! I have a bunch of awesome projects I’ve been working on to share!

First is this super cute sunglasses case I found on Pinterest I think:



So It looks super cute and my sunglasses case that came with my sunglasses is falling.apart.

So I had some fun fabric and followed the great Tutorial.

Here is how mine came out:



I am dying over this fabric. Its so awesome! I made this with some leftover fabric from another project I’ll be sharing next week hopefully!



And my awesome sunglasses will totally fit! Actually its a pretty large case! I followed the instructions but definitely think it could be shorter. However maybe it will prevent them from falling out?



Here you can see inside they fit easily.  I actually used some flannel for the inside to be extra protective on my awesome sunnies!

One thing I really love about this case is the little loop at the top! This is great because I use a carabiner for my keys and I can just hook the case onto that or my wristlet! Then I can carry my sunglasses easier and not have to have them on top of my head or risking falling somewhere!

Overall Pretty good! I think the one change I would make is that instead of starting with a 10×10 inch square I would use a 8.5 inch sq to start. This would reduce the volume around the sides and the excess length. Now this may really depend on your actual sunglasses! I have enough fabric to make another one so maybe I’ll see if I can get it down a bit smaller!

Either way its a great simple tutorial! Perfect for the beginning on summer when we always want our sunnies!