Monday evening the Hubs got us some free tix to the Mariners vs Indians game!

It was a perfect summer evening!! The temp was about 80 at 5pm and was nice blue sky with some clouds here and there.



The field before the game started!  Yes we had AWESOME seats! Third row!! It was beyond cool!!



It gets dark halfway through the game and the sign is pretty cool! I did get chilly and ended up wearing the fleece jacket I had brought. (no pictures apparently..)



A fun filtered picture.  The game was actually pretty exciting! There were 4 total home runs and several of them were quality 400+ feet homers! it was a great game!! The score went back and forth but ultimately:



Mariners WIN!!! Hooray!! They are on a short winning streak. We are not the best team, but sometimes it is decent to go watch! We definitely had a fun time at the game and laughing at all the tourists at the game.  It was pretty funny! They had some guy up on the video screen who was doing like 80-90s dance moves to every song. I about died laughing!



Of course no date evening is complete without a little treat! We parked next door and sure enough this was here when we got back to the car! I rarely eat donuts and it was amazing! Everything you dream it to be!

If you are in Seattle and enjoy baseball, I suggest trying to go to a game! Definitely fun!