A 3 day weekend is awesome! It was really nice on Sunday to not be rushing around and getting ready for work! I definitely slept in this weekend and got some much needed rest. Last week I had a work trip and it was pretty much exhausting!

Saturday I got a haircut and then we went tailgating for the football game! Now I WISH we were at Purdue watching the game, but we were in Seattle at the Clink watching the Washington Huskies game. We have friends that are season ticket holders and we love to head to the games with them!



The awesome field! Currently they are rebuilding the Huskies Stadium so they are playing on the Seahawks field at the Clink this year. Yes our Seats were super high up. Lost of STAIRS.


They did have an awesomely huge flag!! The guy singing was not great, but I guess you can’t expect much from college.. haha.
Tailgating was quite entertaining. It was this little guy’s first game and he had fun!! Isn’t he adorable – excep that he has this thing about sticking his tongue out!! oh well!
The band was not terrible either. It was pretty good and they had pretty good field movements.
And you can’t forget the amazing sunsets! Over the sound and the shipyard. It was beautiful!
Then you have the city in the sunset light! So fun! Its awesome to see every time!
Lastly, this little guy survived the game and even slept a bit! He was a good sport and didn’t have any issues!


I am SOO excited for fall and FOOTBALL!! I am HUGE fan!! We are seriously contemplating cable to just watch the games!! crazy I know.

For the holiday today we had a fun day together. We headed to Bellevue to the Microsoft store and picked up some goodies!



That would be a new laptop for me!! Hubby finally got me a new one that actually does stuff! I feel sad having to retire my old laptop from grad school I worked SO hard for. And next to it is the free xbox that I scored! yes FREE! bargaining is power!!

Then I have played and chilled at home all day. Its been a fabulous day of a Holiday – something I definitely needed!!

Well off for a 4 day week! Woohoo!! Have a good one!