It has FINALLY cooled down in southern California! The daytime temps are getting into the 70s but the nights are cool and into the 50s!! We actually have to close the windows! Mornings and evenings require long sleeves and I had to go buy socks for my kid. He literally had NO socks that fit because that is how long it has been since I have attempted to put socks on him. Oops.

While the weather has been fantastic this week – I have not felt 100%. While its hard to know sometimes when you feel tired if exercise will help or hurt, you never know until you try. So we loaded up on our usual days and headed to the gym. I didn’t overly push it, but still got a solid workout in! I decided to put together the workout to share because while simple, it was definitely effective!! I did this at the gym on machine and with free weights. You can do it at home or at the gym! up to you!

Fit Friday Upper Body Workout Home or Gym


I also did legs this week one day. Yesterday in fact- and today I tried to bend down and that did not feel good!! Hopefully we can get some walking in today and work out the soreness!

How was your week? Get any fun workouts in?