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Scenic Mount Rainier Hiking

This weekend we finally headed to Mount Rainier!! We headed with some friends to the park to have a look around and do a little hiking.

Lucky for us this Saturday was National Public Lands day and the park was FREE!! You cannot beat that!



Heading into the park! It was a beautiful day. Cloudy down below but sunnyup top!

We headed up to Sunrise – it is the highest point which you can drive to In the park. It was a beautiful drive.



It was Ralph’s frist trip to the mountain! He enjoyed the pack and had a good time. Got a little sleepy but stayed away for all the hiking!



Here is a great shot of the mountain! It looks so close! The top is about 14k feet and sunrise is 6500 feet. not too far!! If only right?! There were some awesome clouds moving around.



This elevation is about the tree line level. There were a lot of these trees and the gorgeous blue sky of course!



Here are all the guys and Carrie heading down the trail (I was having a blast taking pictures!!) The kids were having fun running around and looking at chipmunks and the trees and such.. until..



Yeah that spot down the trail what 100yds.. That was a nice size brown bear. In the wild. Walking up the trail towards us. Seriously. We were like WHAT!? turn around. start walking fast. (minus stopping for a picture!!) Turns out he/she was doing a lot of roaming and all over this area of the trails all day.

Sooo we turned around and someone was really excited to be away from the bear!



George in front of the mountain! very classic!



We started hiking the other direction. That is the lodge or something below and a bunch of the Cascades nearby. You can see how sparse the trees are up here!



We decided to head to Frozen Lake. 1 Mile. Not a bad hike. Rocky in some places, but pretty easy.



Here is Frozen lake. It was not frozen and there wasnt a whole lot of water. The kids were quite disappointed. But it was a good hike.



And lastly I leave you with the beautiful ball that God created on Day 4 of creation that lights up our world!

The one thing I have to say is that our national parks are Awesome. Support them. Go visit. Its our country!

I hope to go back next year!! Maybe do more hiking!


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Weekend Hiking Excursion

Happy Tuesday!!

This weekend I took a little adventure with a running friend of mine. We hit the trails and did some hiking. Not really trail running as that wasn’t quite doable on this trail!

Here in Seattle we are surrounded by mountains! I grew up in the woods exploring and hiking everywhere so it is exciting to me! However I have to somehow make the time to get OUT and enjoy the mountains!

This weekend we headed to Mt. Si.  I hiked Mt. Si once before when I first moved here. It has been about 3 years since I went up there. Not Mt. Si is not for the faint of heart. It is 8 miles round trip with about 3100 feet elevation change. It is pretty dang high!

It was cooler on Saturday and actually foggy! We started out about 10 in the morning. The weather kept the crowds to a minimum.



4 miles to go!

The miles didn’t pass too badly. The last mile was the hardest! We thought we were almost done then saw a sign for 3.5! We made it to the top in about 2:10.

 2012-09-22-mtsi-b 2012-09-22-mtsi-c

Views at the top! It was still foggy and misty. No scenic views today! 

We stayed at the top just long enough to eat a protein bar and few apple slices. 


I had to put my jacket on because it was chilly up there! Had on my awesome Sparkly Soul headband and wore my Oisille Stripey Tee!

We stayed maybe 10 minutes at the top, and started down. A few places we did ‘jog’ to make things go faster, but overall we just walked. It took about 1:40 to get down.

We had a blast! I have to say that I was not sure I could do it, however as we hiked my confidence grew!

Yes I was incredibly sore the last two days but after a teary session with the foam roller last night, my legs feel almost new!

This was an awesome way to celebrate the first day of Fall! How did you celebrate Fall?