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Rainy Saturday Workout

Yesterday the rain started. Our 80 days of no rain summer has come to a quick end. 🙁 Although I am glad to see the rain. It has been WAY too dry here! So now its about 55/60 degrees and raining!

Last night we hung out with some friends and got home pretty late. I slept in and needed the rest after a long week on the road.. (sorry for being MIA)

But I eventually got myself up and headed to the gym. On tap: a Shoulders & Stairs workout.

Some awesome shoulder lifting and then running the stairs. However the gym was king of crowded, so I subbed burpees for running up stairs. Yes I did.



Before weights and after.

Today I finally got up the nerve to wear my Zensah Tank & Running bra.
I got these a few months ago when I went to a Zensah tweet up in Seattle. I have to say my first wear is LOVE. Seriously beyond comfortable! The tank and bra never moved. I had full range of motion and didn’t worry about anything! Plus the bright pink is really fun!!

Next – yes the gym wasn’t my only stop – I headed to the track!!

The goal was 6x200m with 200 in between.  I did about a lap warm up but was still warm from the gym. Then hit the sprints as hard as I could:

1- 0:56






Seriously! I am sooo excited!! Remember about a month ago when I did about the same workout?!  I took 3-4 seconds off my time!


Oh I guess I should mention it was RAINING while I did my sprints! ha. It felt awesome to be out there working out so hard and No I did not get cold. It was about 55 degrees and when you run thats toasty!

The rest of the day has been working playing online and watching football!



Have a great Saturday and stay warm!!



Throw Down Thursday: Tabata

Today’s workout with Fit2Flex was torture Tabata. I I’ve heard of Tabata recently but was not quite sure of the details. Let me fill you in!
Tabata is a type of high-intensity training that can be completed in 4 minutes. Yes FOUR. It is an alternative that can be done to the hours of cardio you might think you need to do on the elliptical.

Now onto the workout:


Boy this may seem easy but trust me it is not! I started out on the treadmill with a brisk 10 minute incline walk to warm up. And wake up!
First up was the ball squats. Boy they were not easy after 4 rounds! These felt good. My legs were still a bit sore from Monday’s workout and I could feel it for sure.
Next was jump rope. I didn’t take my rope to the gym so I pretended. Jump rope is not for wimps!
Third were plank push ups. These were the hardest! I had to finish the last two rounds from my knees! My shoulders definitely feel these!
Fourth were the lunge … These are not bad but you will get out of breath in just 20s! It was clear to me in these that my right leg was easier than my left. Haha. Maybe that’s why all my running injuries have been left side??

Lastly just for kicks I added in 4 20s rounds of Burpees. Those are no joke either. I was running short on time and so I did 4 instead of 8. It was plenty though!

No puking this week but definitely feeling good!
How did you get your sweat on today?
I challenge YOU to #ThrowDownThursday

ThrowDown Thursday Jail Break!

Today started with a puke-tastic workout! Yes you read that correct! Keep reading to find out the end result!

The awesome Carissa (and Kyle) from Fit2Flex have started a new challenge! This one is ThrowDown Thursday! (#throwdownthursday on twitter) I did one of their previous challenges earlier this year and it kicked my tail!
So here is today’s workout:

Source: fit2flex.com via Karla on Pinterest


Yeahhhh. It may look easy but I am still shaking!
Yesterday I did legs but went ahead today and did this. I did the squats first. 70 pounds on the 20# bar. I had to do one or two sprints in between. I can’t remember.

Next came leg press:


Woot for strong legs! I could only do 10 at a time so that is 2 sprints. Now the first sprint I only did 6.5 mph on the tmill. It wasn’t bad so I cranked it up goths specified 7.0. I did it!!! That is really freaking exciting to me!! Leg press was 180# and felt good!

Next was chest press. I got 12 on the first and to 23 on the second set. I used 22.5# dumbbells. It was hard.

Lastly the reverse grip lag pull down. Geez that was hard!! I put it on 85# and had to break it into 3 segments so 2 more sprints!

At the end I threw in an extra sprint. The guy on the elliptical must have thought I was crazy. And to keep things simple I commandeered the handicapped tmill on the first floor. So shoot me. That last sprint 30s was hard! Then I stepped off and seriously thought I was going to puke! I took a sip of water and caught my breath. No puking today!

This is a great workout and I challenge you to give it a shot! See if you can break Carissa out of jail!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!