After a round of being super sick and a muscle injury (in my neck which is still ongoing) I’ve decided I can finally get back to the gym with some legs and cardio.

I absolutely love working legs since they are the largest muscles in the body! They will burn more calories and allow me to get through my day!

So here was today’s Quick Heavy Leg workout:

Running On Eagles Wings" Quick Heavy Legs Workout" "Metabolic Effect"


I used the Leg pretty and I think It was 205 pounds. It wasn’t too heavy but it wasn’t super easy. I struggled to get to 10 reps every time. The walking lunges took awhile because I kept getting interrupted! People liked my shirt today.. So completely random! Then some squat jumps to keep the heart rate up! I love sprints and they are a fabulous way to end any workout.  I did my sprints on the elliptical today – but optimal is running! I just can’t run due to my neck issue…
So here is my post workout selfie:

Running On Eagles Wings "Quick Heavy Legs workout" Selfie

I finished up with some stretching and foam rolling! Then it was off for a busy busy day!

Did you workout today?