So First off, I am attempted a whole30 with a few modifications. I’ll explain more. I kind of decided last minute and jumped in real quick. As in did some research for a few days and then just started!

I started on February 18th ‘officially’ I guess you would say.
Background – My second pregnancy was hard. I carried Teddy much higher and it really affected my body. It affected what and how much I could eat significantly. So much that I even got gall bladder scans because they thought I maybe had stone or an issue. I was GBS positive, so in the hospital I had antibiotics. A lot of them since I was there for about 24 hours before T was born.  After the delivery and I started to get back to normal I noticed I was having a lot of digestive issues. I did some research and asked around to some friends and my good friend B, really encouraged just doing a whole30 to see. I pretty much figured why not? Also, we have had issues with Teddy being pretty sensitive to dairy and some constipation, so the hope is that this helps him too!
The modified part: I am nursing – I have a 3 month old baby. Yes I know you can do whole30 while nursing and all that jazz. My ‘modification’ is that I’m not stressing some of the small details. Such as – I know the ketchup we have has sugar in it. I’m not tossing it (brand new) – I’m just using as little as possible and very sparingly. Same with BBQ sauce. Same with Bacon( which why is there sugar?!) but not all our stores have sugar free bacon and with 2 littles I can’t trapeze all over the city to find it! I also had a lot of snacks- nuts raisins and Larabars. I know the type of person I am and stressing over a few extra small details is not good for me. I am also continuing to use my BCAAs as I don’t really drink coffee and they have a tiny bit of sweetener. You can hate on me all you want, because it’s not 100%. I’m trying for 100% but in reality I know that I’ll hit 98% and that’s OK with me!
The first few days were not bad. I definitely had a huge sugar withdrawal headache! I had prepped pretty well food and snacks and wasn’t too hungry. I made a meal plan and did costco and trader joes and sprouts shopping. It was funny the night hubby saw me eating a burger in lettuce. I didn’t really tell him much and just sprung it on him as well. He pretty much eats what I set out and I know what he likes in general. My friend B has been an awesome text support friend! She has suggested meals and altering my food here and there.
After the first week, my women’s bible study group started a challenge for a month of no grains or sugar. I’m doing no dairy and being a lot more strict, but its wonderful to have the support! We have shared a lot of recipes and stuff so far!
I’ll recap my food up to this point –
Breakfast :
Roasted sweet potatoes, 3 eggs, 2 slices of bacon. Also I usually eat a banana and spoonful of almond butter. And a lot of water!
Usually I have some chicken with guacamole, tomatoes, olives, maybe some green soup. Then either just mixed berries or some berries in coconut yogurt.
Varies. We have done simple chicken sausage and zoodles, burgers, grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, more eggs and hash browns. Then we have done more complicated chicken and meatloaf.
So how am I feeling? Well the first two weeks or so were and adjustment on the system. It was up and down. I am feeling a lot better these days. I feel clearer and have more energy – as much as I can get when you still are up in the night! The next 2 weeks were kind of like cruising. It got a little boring but I hung in there. The 5th week was probably the hardest because I was bored with food and didn’t meal prep as much.
As for my digestive issues. I feel a lot better and have had fewer issues. I’m still having a few things here and there but they mostly happened when I cheated. I am also taking some probiotics and hopefully they are helping. I have learned I am pretty sensitive to foods cooked in a lot of oil.
Teddy is doing well with no dairy. I accidentally had something with dairy in it and it was pretty clear it didn’t sit well with him! He had a lot of gas and constipation.
I mentioned this above but I did have a few cheats. I had a couple cupcakes and we ate Thai food I think twice. Once was when I broke my toe and couldn’t cook. I enjoyed my treats but they did affect me. I didn’t feel great the next day and ended up with some uncomfortable gas. So In reality this wasn’t a REAL whole30. I feel like I came close. Maybe in a few months I’ll try for more, but for the time being I’m more than ok with the changes I made.
I know it’s not the main point or even a goal of whole30 but weight loss can happen. Over the 5 weeks I lost 7 pounds. I didn’t measure but I can now fit into the next size down of pants I couldn’t fit into before.
What’s next? Well I think since its working and I feel pretty well I’m going to keep up for the most part. I may try to reintroduce a few items such as peanut butter and see. The ladies in our church group want to continue the paleo challenge as well so I’m keeping accountable with them! I love having others on the journey with me!
Have you tried a whole30?