Summer has FLOWN by! I got a bit distracted and have been reading some but not as much. ¬†However I did find a few more books to review! So I’ll be extending the reading reviews a bit! This last book was not a hard read, but just took me a long time to finsih it because I had about a 2 week break from reading it!

This week’s book is: “Hell’s Corner” by David Baldacci


Amazon:¬†Hell’s Corner (Camel Club, Book 5)

Genre: Mystery Fiction
Published: 2010

I found this book on a recommendation from my mom about the author! There are a lot of books by Baldacci and I had a hard time picking! This book won because it is based in Washington DC. I am very familiar with the town and it sounded interesting!

There are likely other books about this same Character, but this is a book about spies and a couple of people who are special agents from the government. They are on a mission to find out who was behind a bombing near the white house. The book is pretty detailed and a great read. The story goes all around and there are a few times you are not sure if everyone is going to live! It is quite an adventure and It is also a mystery. They think the person behind everything is a government employee but they have a really hard time finding out who it is! Eventually they figure it out, but then the ending totally freaked me out! I thought it was bad, but it got turned around and ended up being pretty much perfect!

I lost track of time reading this book but it was a decent length. I really enjoyed it all the way through however! I will definitely look into more books by David Baldacci!