We went on vacation over July 4th! Hubs’ Grandparents all live in Oklahoma along with his sister. Its a good place for everyone to meet-up. Its also a nice break in the summer when its still cool in Seattle to enjoy some HOT sun.

We headed out late night Tuesday on a red eye to Houston and then onto OK. It was a short night. We upgraded our seats to have some better leg room and hopefully better sleep. It was not great, but we survived.

We kept the 4th low-key and just hung out, took a little nap, and then had a family bbq. There was a lot of food, thankfully a fair number of veggies and fruit! After eating, it started to cool off so we headed onto the porch and enjoyed the hammock. ahhh… so nice to relax!


As it was getting dark, we headed off to see the fireworks. They have them at the OU golf course. Now grandpa is a member there and he signed us up to get into the golf course parking lot to watch the fireworks. We were 100 yards from where they were shooting them off. WOW. best fireworks. ever. it. was. awesome.

I took a TON of pictures with my iphone! I read and article the day before about how to take pictures with your iphone of fireworks. Clearly it worked!! It was exciting!

Thursday I hit the gym with SIL and got a solid workout in. Then she and I headed to the outlets with MIL. We only went to a few stores, J Crew, Gap, Banana, but I definitely scored. Got some new kahkis, jeans, shorts, and a couple of tees. Definitely needed a new pair of each of these right as summer kicks off in Seattle!

Friday I missed a ride to the gym, but toughed it out doing a leg workout in the driveway – in the shade then took a run/walk around the block. it was about 1.5 mile I think. Enough to get my workout in! We hung out and I headed over to SIL to use her sewing machine to finish my project. In the evening we headed to Chuy’s for a solid Mexican Dinner. This is a great restauraunt from Austin and they have expanded now to a few other locations. The food was good!! oh man it was nice to have quality mexican food again! The atmosphere is fun and loud. Enjoyable!

Saturday I hung out with SIL a bit and we just chilled around the house. I was bored a bit more so I went to JoAnns and bought some fabric and started a simple little project on the sewing machine. In the evening I got some QT with by Bible! It was heavenly sitting on the porch reading and listening to the cicadas.

Sunday was the end of our vacation. In the morning we headed to church and had a wonderful worship time. We got bagels for lunch and watched the end of Wimbledon. Sorry for the brit guy, but Federer is too hard to pass up! haha. A bit more chill time and we headed for the airport. Eventually reaching home! Ahh..

Any vacation plans for you?