Happy Tuesday!!

It has been a few weeks since I have done one of these! Sorry! I have some good pictures for you this week!



Ahh a sneak peak of my vacation last weekend to DC. It was Fabulous!!!

Had a great time seeing the parents and my sister and the BFF. It was really needed!



All The Library of Congress. I had not been here before, but it is a fabulous building! Very nice inside, but sadly not many books. They are all kept in a much safer place..



This is Hillwood Mansion. It was the home of Majorie Meriweather Post. She collected all kinds of china and trinkets from all over the world. It is seriously Impressive. THEN there are 12 acres of gardens too! Oh man!


This is one of the gardens. This was seen from HER bedroom. How ridiculously awesome!? Really the whole place was amazing!



After the vacation I came back last week to a super long week at work. So coming home one or two nights I just sat and read. Yes that is a down blanket. It got Cold in Seattle. High has only been 50 and maybe 55 a few days.. brr.



This week I got up almost every day and Hit the gym! Woot!! It is definitely paying off! I wore my new Salomon Shirt this day. It is pretty awesome and comfy! Love it!!

Have a lovely day!