Today’s workout with Fit2Flex was torture Tabata. I I’ve heard of Tabata recently but was not quite sure of the details. Let me fill you in!
Tabata is a type of high-intensity training that can be completed in 4 minutes. Yes FOUR. It is an alternative that can be done to the hours of cardio you might think you need to do on the elliptical.

Now onto the workout:


Boy this may seem easy but trust me it is not! I started out on the treadmill with a brisk 10 minute incline walk to warm up. And wake up!
First up was the ball squats. Boy they were not easy after 4 rounds! These felt good. My legs were still a bit sore from Monday’s workout and I could feel it for sure.
Next was jump rope. I didn’t take my rope to the gym so I pretended. Jump rope is not for wimps!
Third were plank push ups. These were the hardest! I had to finish the last two rounds from my knees! My shoulders definitely feel these!
Fourth were the lunge … These are not bad but you will get out of breath in just 20s! It was clear to me in these that my right leg was easier than my left. Haha. Maybe that’s why all my running injuries have been left side??

Lastly just for kicks I added in 4 20s rounds of Burpees. Those are no joke either. I was running short on time and so I did 4 instead of 8. It was plenty though!

No puking this week but definitely feeling good!
How did you get your sweat on today?
I challenge YOU to #ThrowDownThursday

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